Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Random Esoteric Creature Generator! out! This was one of my favorite products of the last year, and now Goodman Games has released James Raggi's product in retail form. How exciting! For the uninitiated, this is a product that can be used with any number of systems that lets you create some disturbing, funny, horrific, threatening, and unique monster challenges. If this retail version holds true to the original, this is a definite recommendation for anyone looking to add a little strangeness and mayhem to the existing monster selection in their game.

(The Random Esoteric Creature Generator may also be one of the best names for an RPG product of all time, sharing the stage perhaps only with Shaolin Squirrels: Nuts of Fury).


PatrickWR said...

I'm interested in this product too ... but you only referenced it by its street name! The full title, which I'm sure sends Jim into fits of old-school joy whenever it's uttered, is "The Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games and Their Modern Simulacra." Quite a mouthful!

Zachary The First said...

Indeed, Patrick! I did it a grievous disservice in not doing so! Hope Jim pardons me! :)