Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three Don't-Miss Gaming Blogs

I started a suggestion over at the RPG Bloggers Google Group that we bloggers take a minute to recommend three gaming blogs we think our readers might not normally see, but that are worth checking out. For my part, it was hard to stop at three, so I'm going to go with three blogs off of a larger list that I can recommend without hesitation:

The Free RPG Blog

Rob Lang has taken on the ambitious project of reviewing the metric ton of free gaming product out there crying out for a coherent, thorough review. Rob's blog is updated every Tuesday right now, but you can be sure that every Tuesday there's going to be an impressive review of a free, accessible RPG product waiting. I am immensely glad he's decided to do this, and I've already learned more about free products I didn't know much about.

Tankards & Broadswords


I learned of Badelaire's blog through I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow, and and very happy I did so. Tankards & Broadswords is all over the place as far as gaming subject matter, but its often very insightful, not a slave to any gaming clique or movement, and provides a lot of material that made me think about what I'm doing with my own games. I hope to see a lot more from this blog in the near future.

Turbulent Thoughts:

Sometimes Wyatt writes about anime. Sometimes he writes about RPGs. He writes a lot about stuff that pisses him off. He combines this with funny pictures that leave me clapping my hands delightedly like a none-too-bright kid at the circus. His rants are fantastic, and even if the content isn't 100% gaming, its funny, acerbic, and entertaining enough to make you want this feed.

As I stated, there were plenty of other blogs that I could have listed without hesitation, but I wanted three that I thought might be off the beaten path judging from where some of my traffic comes from. Enjoy!


Bartoneus said...

I'm definitely a big fan of this idea, because of the specific focus on blogs that people may not have heard of before. I already read bits and pieces of Tankards & Broadswords as well as Wyatt's blog, but hadn't seen the Free RPG Blog yet so I'll be keeping an eye on that as well.

wyattsalazar said...

Thanks for the link! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Rob Lang said...

Crikey! Praise indeed. I'll have to keep writing it, then. Many thanks, Zach. :)

Badelaire said...

Thank you as well for the kind words. I've also begun digging into this blog and I'm really enjoying what I've seen!

And as for being all over the place (which I totally agree with), back when it was still being published as a weekly webzine, the recently (and dearly) departed Pyramid had a column by Steven Marsh called "Random Thought Table", where Steven would try to draw some gaming-related ideas and commentary out of whatever struck his fancy that week - be it books, movies, coming down with a cold, dealing with the in-laws...anything was fair game.

In a way, that's how I see the T&B. I don't want to keep any specific agenda aside from "This is food for thought and here's how it relates to gaming". Hopefully I have succeeded (and will continue to succeed) in some fashion.

Again, thank you for the praise (and free advertising...).

Anonymous said...

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