Saturday, November 15, 2008

Top and Bottom 10 RPG Rankings of RPGnet & theRPGsite

I found stats for the Top and Bottom 10 RPGs rated at theRPGsite and RPGnet. I didn't find anything like this on ENWorld, but would be interested to see the data on that or any other sites folks might have:



Top 10 RPGs per this thread at theRPGsite:

1) Call of Cthulhu
2) Rules Cyclopedia D&D
3) Dungeons & Dragons 3.x
4) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
5) Classic Traveller
6) GURPS 3rd Edition, Revised
7) Marvel Superheroes (FASERIP)
8) Runequest
9) Hero System
10) All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Notes: This was from early 2007, and I'm almost certain a poll today would change some things. I know my list has).


Top 10 RPGs Per the RPGnet Index:

1) Spirit of the Century
2) King Arthur Pendragon
3) Nobilis
4) Unknown Armies
5) Call of Cthulhu
6) Feng Shui
7) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
8) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9) Angel
10) Paranoia XP

Notes: We've grown apart, RPGnet, you and I...but there are still some commonalities between the two lists we've seen so far. Call of Cthulhu and Warhammer Fantasy are popular at both sites, it seems. I'm amazed Wushu isn't on here, considering its reputation for a following there, but its ranking is actually very low.



Bottom 10 RPGs of theRPGsite, per the same thread:

1) AD&D 2e
2) Star Wars d20
3) Rifts (ouch!)
4T) Powers & Perils
4T) F.A.T.A.L.
6) Aftermath
7) Immortal: The Invisible War
8T) AD&D 2 Player's Option
8T) Living Steel
10) Fuzion

Notes: These rankings were offset some by positive experiences, which moved both Hero and D&D 3.5 off the list. Yes, theRPGsite fairly earns its reputation for contentiousness sometimes. I'm surprised by AD&D 2e getting smacked down so badly.

Bottom 10 RPGs Per the RPGnet Index:

1) F.A.T.A.L
3) Empire of Satanis
4) The World of Synnibar (boo!)
5) Cyborg Commando
6) Fantasy Wargaming
7) Immortal: The Invisible War
9) Expendables
10) Heroes & Heroines

Notes: For the most part, an obscure list. Neither site has any love for Immortal or F.A.T.A.L. (which I imagine is more a word of mouth deal than based on any actual play experience).

In summary, both these lists were a little different that I expected, and I'd like to do an update over at theRPGsite to see where things sit now. The funny thing is, I couldn't tell you if they'd vote D&D 4e on the good list, the bad list, or both.

Despite the wildly differing reputations of both sites, there are some commonalities there. However, in looking at the Top 10 on each, there are definitely also some big differences.


Jeff Rients said...

I think AD&D 2e is hampered by the TSR adventures of the period. I ran lots of 1st edition adventures and homebrew stuff with 2e and I didn't have many problems.

Zachary The First said...

FWIW, amongst a couple of guys in my gaming group, its still their favorite iteration of D&D. I'm more at home with the Rules Cyclopedia, but to each their own.

Rob Lang said...

I'm just glad that Icar isn't in the bottom ten.

Did it take you long to compile the list, Zach?

Zachary The First said...

Not too long, Rob--it was really already done at RPGNet, and we had the lists done last year on theRPGsite.

No worries on Icar--there may be people who haven't played it, but I can't see folks really intensely disliking it much.

@Jeff: I'd agree. I think there's a definite period of 1e modules that are pretty clearly superior to what came after.