Friday, November 28, 2008

Vintage Dragon Magazine Adverts: Black Friday Edition

Too timid or sensible to join the frenzied masses out for blood and bargains on this, the busiest shopping day of the year? No worries, as we turn an eye towards a much less-stressful form of consumer activity--checking out what was being plugged in the October 1982 issue of Dragon Magazine (#66). This issue is also memorable for its Thieves Cant article (as part of a special section on languages) along with Uncle Gary absolutely tearing into Rick Loomis.

(Click to enlarge below):

Really, all I need is Arms Law, but rock on:

Mine just has the (worn) black cover:

I have never heard of this, but I would totally play it:

, I didn't get a deal anywhere near this good when I signed up for the RPGA a few years back. Of course, I also didn't pay to join:

It seems like Aftermath never gets the (good or bad) notice that FGU's Bushido or Space Opera gets. Any thoughts why (obviously, it also falls below Bunnies & Burrows, but what game can compete with B&B)?:

Here's a few little ads to round things up:

Man, those are fun, aren't they? If you enjoy these, good news: this is going to be our regular Friday feature for awhile, so feel free to subscribe using the links on this site--or just, you know, visit again.

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