Thursday, November 6, 2008

YouTube: Animated Fellowship of the Ring Showcase

All these videos originate from the old Rankin-Bass Fellowship of the Ring animated movie. They are a cherished part of my childhood, but that does not mean they are not more than a little unintentionally hilarious. Let us examine:

My daughter heard me singing this in the shower the other morning. I was a little embarrassed. Anyway, Elrond is rocking that beard. Bilbo looks like Estelle Getty.

"The Wearer of the Ring, the Bearer of the Ring..."


A song for your Monday commute to work. Friggin' hippie orcs:

If I close my eyes and listen to the voices, Eowyn is fighting Skeletor here.

All rise for the Slacker National Anthem:

If we could just master the One Ring, we could save Middle Earth! Or have picnics with Orcs!:

Dammit, Gandalf! THE SURGE IS WORKING:


Rich said...

Oh, this totally made my morning.

Aragorn is pretty wooden in front of the Mouth of Sauron. I wouldn't have taken that crap.

James Maliszewski said...

Small correction: this is the animated Return of the King. Fellowship (and part of The Two Towers) was done by Ralph Bakshi several years previously.

Max said...

Y'know, I think I'll have to rent this. Jules Bass wasn't much of a lyricist, but the tunes are ok. Some of the character designs are cool, especially the orcs and the Witch-King.

Then again, there's Glenn Yarbrough, ugh. That wheedling vibrato is dire. Also, Casey Kasem as Merry? Ruh Roh! I'd forgotten how much voice work that guy used to do.

Scott said...

I love those tunes! When I re-read Tolkein, I can't imagine those songs sounding any other way.

Dave The Game said...

The Orc whipping songs is one of my favorite songs ever.

Zachary The First said...

@ james: You're 100% right, natch. See what happens when you blog late at night? :)

Anonymous said...

Classic! I have fond memories of these.

New memories have intruded upon the old, however. I hear the warbling "Frodo of the Nine Fingers" and instantly think of the Lords of the Rhymes' heavy beat.

Hobbiton...It's on!

Steve said...

I've got the VHS tape sitting on my shelf, right next to the original Star Wars tapes.

I have no shame.

Zachary The First said...

Nor should you!