Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008: What Rocked In Gaming

Yeah, so it's the end of the year, and for bloggers that means a slew of "Year in Review" and "Looking Ahead to '09" articles. Well, this blog is no different in that regard. This stems from a thread at theRPGsite entitled "2008: What Rocked Your Year?". Folks had some very different answers to this question, but here's what I came up with offhand:

-Two-Fisted Tales, and getting to run a game in which we tried to stop both pirates and Nazis from going to Dinosaur Island and domesticating the T-Rex for nefarious martial purposes. Burning zeppelins, air cars, tommy guns, and radio wristwatches were involved. It was both as stupid and enjoyable as it sounds. TFT really opened the door for me as far as running, framing, and creating enjoyable pulp games.

-An awesome campaign that had a fantastic, open-door ending, complete with sacrifice, character growth, and enough loose ends to ensure we'll do it all again.

-Fight On!

-Jamie Mal's Grognardia.

-Getting to use Campaign Coins in my campaign, and having my players absolutely fall in love with using them (and being better stewards with their in-game funds as a consequence).

-Paizo's Pathfinder and GameMastery lines. Keep making stuff that's handy, guys, and I'll keep buying it.

-Another kickass Gen Con Indy in which I gamed more, saw more friends, and gained even more of an appreciation for this crown jewel of our hobby.

-Getting to tell Dave Arneson we had his seats ready at the ENnies; talking to him for a bit on the dealer room floor.

-Seeing Gamescience's Col. Lou Zocchi again at Gen Con Indy, introducing him to my daughter (he did magic tricks for her).

-A plethora of mighty fine simulacrum products being released, along with the resurgence of the "Do-It-Yourself" attitude.

-Finding a few new old items for my Traveller collection.

-Finding in a moment of sadness with the passing of Gary Gygax a feeling of fraternity and understanding with my fellow gamers as we came together to celebrate a man who gave so much to so many.

-Shaolin Squirrels: Nuts of Fury.

-Getting to (finally) run one-shots of In Harm's Way and Epic Role Playing in back-to-back weekends.

I'd also add joining the RPG Bloggers Network, really getting back into my blogging, and finding a ton of new, exciting sites that have given me some simply tremendous ideas. I'm also very grateful for the new friends I've made through that same network, and of the wonderful work that's being done by pure hobbyists for the love of the game--many of whom put the "big boys" to shame.

We lost giants such as Gary, Erick Wujcik, and Bob Bedslaw this year, and are still in the middle of another round of Edition Wars over the divisive new edition of D&D, but there was still much goodness to be had in '08.

What were your moments in 2008 Gaming that rocked?


Rob Lang said...

GenCon UK 2008 was definitely my high point. Not only did I get to get drunk with friends, I got to see what all this Dungeons and Dragons is about, how other people play RPGs (and what they want from them) and most importantly some excellent feedback on Icar from people in the industry and gamers alike. I'll definitely be going next year. It's given me something of a target to aim for - a black and white interior printed version.

The second high point was starting a blog. The internet is quite isolating - I've been watching the download and hit stats on Icar for about 10 years now and it's just bubbled along. For every 3000 pages viewed each month, I get an email here or there. The blog is much more interactive, however, and I love that! Thanks to the support of fellow bloggers like yourself, Zach, I have managed to make a good stab at it.

When people ask what my favourite free find for the year has been, I decline to answer because it's nearly always the very last thing I reviewed. All the philanthropic gems I've reviewed have a lot to offer and have blown my socks off. The fact that people off all this for free makes me feel all warm inside. Like the internet was back in the mid 90s.

My drug-fuelled crazies Icar campaign has run much longer than I expected but then I'm not surprised as everyone seems to love their characters. As we approach a crescendo and I ask if they would like the campaign to end, they all want to continue!

Zachary The First said...

Awesome comment, Rob. I feel the same in many aspects. The internet all too many times has become an unfriendly, less-cozy place. Blogging communities such as we've built counteract that.

I do know I'm grateful you decided to give blogging a shot! You've filled a pretty solid, useful niche! :)

clash bowley said...

Hi Zachary!

How was In Harm's Way for you? I know you've been wanting to run a game for ages.

I'm running an IHW Christmas one shot for my gang's long running characters. It started as a lieutenants game and is now a Captain's game, with two characters as Post Captains, two as Commanders, and one as a Lieutenant in command. These are the guys that firebombed Tripoli from hot air balloons with barrels of naptha and crude oil to steal back the Philadelphia.

Bilbo said...

I just ran a demo of Shaolin Squirrels...The damn squirrels blew up the monastary...they castrated PanDo...they stole The Han Man's Tale and Pei Mei got fresh with a pig...

I am always amazed at the AP reports I end up with out of demos.