Friday, December 19, 2008

The Ice Storm Cometh, But Goodman Games Stays Hot

An ice storm will be here within the hour, and our neck of the woods loses electricity at the drop of a hat, so updates may be sparse for a few days. I did, however, want to share the three latest pdf pickups I made thanks to Goodman Games' impressively awesome "End Is Near Sale" at RPGNow. I picked up the following at $2 each:

-DM Campaign Tracker: I've heard this is a nice GM tool for multiple d20 systems. I already have my homebrew notes in a binder, but something that's more professionally laid-out and encourages quick-reference might do the trick.

-DragonMech: I always wanted to check this campaign sourcebook out. In terms of fantasy mechs, I'm curious to see how it stacks up against a benchmark such as Rune Stryders.

-Judges Guild JG1: Fortress Thieves of Badabaskor: Actually, I already own this in print, but wanted to pick up the pdf for my library. Rob Conley did great work on this adventure.

These items will no longer be on sale after 12/31, so I'll likely browse through once more before then. Being d20, they'll be disappearing from all legal channels forever. I really want to download Dungeon Crawl Classics #35: Gazetteer of the Known Realms to mine some ideas for my own homebrew.

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Ken Hart said...

Yes, Zach, DCC #35 calls to you ... :-) OK, I'm biased (as the editor of the boxed set), but there's a lot of juicy fluff in there that you can use in any campaign, and both of the included adventures (one for 0-level PCs!) are a kick. And yes, with the sale, it's an obscenely good bargain for one more week.

I'm interested in what you think about DragonMech. I worked on all the sourcebooks after the core book came out, and really enjoyed playing around in the setting. In addition to good ol' mech-vs.-mech combat, it offers avenues for espionage, horror, sleuthing, and traditional dungeon crawling.