Sunday, December 7, 2008

Recommendations On Software For RPG Publishing

I asked the question of publishers over at theRPGsite as to which design software they used, and this thread resulted. Its a good read, and folks have some nice recommendations on the expensive, professional stuff down to tricks with freeware (the latter definitely being more in my budget). Check it out if you've ever had aspirations to release your gaming products, or even want a nice presentation of homebrew stuff. The publishers over there are also really great when it comes to answering questions openly and directly.

(If that doesn't interest you, there is this thread, where people come up with various ways [in jest] they are the "old-schoolest").


GameDaddy said...

I use Scribus 1.3.4 to create PDFs with, and Open Office for just about everything else.

Steve said...

I did my first Open Design project in Framemaker and then switched to InDesign. I'd switch back in a heartbeat, just for the easy of hyperlinking and cross-referencing, but just slapping a page together is easier in InDesign.

Badelaire said...

As I type this my co-worker and I are in the midst of trying to recover a corrupted Quark document. Quark is junk. The company limps along because people have been using it forever and it's what they are familiar with (the old legacy problem), but it causes nothing but tears and heartbreak around here. Stay away from it if you can.