Friday, December 12, 2008

Vintage Dragon Magazine Adverts: Color Edition

This week's Vintage Dragon Magazine sees us hearkening back to 1983 with Dragon #75. There are a number of fantastic full-color ads in here. Also in this issue, we have the first part of Ed Greenwood's Nine Hells, and let's not forget the Ecology of the Mimic!

(Click to enlarge pictures):

If I had come across this ad back then, I'd have picked Harn up in a minute. This ad is just seems really evocative to me:

You never hear D&D referred to as "Dark Ages" anything anymore. We've definitely seen a shift away from anything resembling that presentation. I found that really interesting in this advert:

Came, and went:

This had to have taken some serious painting time:

If the monsters don't get them, the fashion police will:


Max said...

Man oh man, I *studied* the gal in that Bond ad, back in the day. Now I mostly just wonder what's holding her upright?

sirlarkins said...

It's interesting that the "Dark Ages" ad features that piece of Elmore art, since I've specifically used that piece as an example of what I love about old school D&D and 80s fantasy in general--the overtly "medieval" feel of the fantasy, as opposed to today's "edgier" dungeonpunk imagery.

Zachary The First said...

Yeah...not a fan of the dugeonpunk. Too many spikes and useless buckles for my liking. Looks like a mix between Dragonball Z and a KISS tribute band.