Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Irrin Review Is Up!

Thanks to The Bone Scroll for taking time to do the first review of Introduction to Irrin. It got 3.5/5 stars, which I'm very pleased with! Here are a few key excerpts:

"The Economics/Money Section is short and sweet. And like most settings, takes the Gygaxian approach to money in general, but with a slight twist. There are two coin standards each covering a fairly large area. Since conversion between the two standards is fast and easy, It shouldn't bog down a game to use them".
"Then comes the Calendar & Festival section. As some may know, this is a pet peeve of mine, even though I myself fail to follow my own advice. The calendar system in use, is simple and familiar. I like the fact that there are two name systems in use for months. One is number based and the other a proper name".

And, the almighty synopsis:

"So, how to sum up “Introduction to Irrin”? In general, I would have like a little less timeline and a little more fluff in some of the other sections. I have to say that I think the religions of Irrin give the setting a more Middle Age feel in my opinion than many other fantasy settings I've seen and I wish to learn more. Overall, I'd rate this book about 3.5 out 5. Which for a product of this type and for a first time effort, I think is high praise".

The only response I have (aside from thanks very much from reviewing) is that I loooooove timelines--I find them great adventures and ideas mines, and since I was the one compiling everything for Irrin, one of the things I included was a solid, solid timeline. I like to think it is general enough to inspire, rather than hamstring, creativity, but that's something folks will have to check out and decide on their own.

Just a reminder: the PDF of Irrin will cost you $3.50, has plenty of maps & freebies to go with it, will help support this site, my Gen Con coverage, and my other online endeavors, and will make me clap my hands in a truly undignified manner. I'll try to get pictures of that last bit, if you pick it up.

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