Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going Super-Cheap At RPGNow

I usually troll RPGNow for bargains come payday, but I outdid myself this time. I was looking for a few tables and charts to add to my GM Binder of Awesomeness. Here's what I came away with:

Dark Quest Games:

100 Treasure Chest Stuffers

100 Whispered Insult About The Adventurers
100 Arcane Book Subjects
100 Bag and Pouch Contents
100 Crate and Barrel Contents
100 Dark Street and Alley Encounters
100 Daytime Street Encounters
100 Marketplace Goods
100 Tavern Names (likely the one I need the least,m given how much I already have on this) but I was on a roll)
Fantasy Community: Applehaven (subpar map, but not bad writeups for a drop-in settlement)

Adventure Games Publishing:

Castles & Crusades: 100 Treasure Troves--Type 1 (to be the first in the series, and it was $1)

Total cost? $6.69. That's good, because that's about all my gaming budget allows for right now. I imagine I'll be picking up the rest of the AGP Treasure Trove series as it comes out--the price is right. We'll see if I think the Dark Quest purchases were worth it in the long run, but my love of random, system-generic or multi-system tables and charts knows no bounds. Probably one of the reasons I love the Hackmaster GM's Guide so much.

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