Monday, January 26, 2009

Introduction to Irrin Campaign Setting Released!

After a lot of work and almost a decade of homebrewin' it at various game tables, I'm proud to release Introduction to Irrin, a world primer for the world of Irrin. Irrin attempts to emulate many of the classic campaign setting primers, providing world detail while not suffocating with minutiae. Irrin was designed as a "vanilla fantasy", system-generic campaign setting, one that could act as a common meeting ground for great friends and great adventuring. Included are races, nations, geography, languages, religion, calendar, economics, a timeline, and more! The pdf version sells for $3.50, the print version for $10. A free map and the heraldry of Irrin can be found at my lulu storefront.

On a personal note, this was really rewarding, and I urge anyone else out there who's had a dream to put something out there to do it. It's scary, but the whole time while I was compiling our setting notes, making the maps, designing heraldry, I kept thinking of all the good times we had, of the gamers who had moved on or were no longer with us, of all the wins, losses, common experiences, and friendships that made it all so worthwhile. It's my hope that you find something of the same in this product-- that feeling from caffeine-fueled post-midnight epic sessions, from characters you and your friends made your own, and of not being able to wait until the next gaming all-nighter. That's what gaming was and is for me, and that's what went into this product.

This is also a way for you to help support this blog, if you've enjoyed my posting here or have gotten anything out of it. I anticipate the funds going to help defray the cost of my online projects, so keep that in mind!


Questing GM said...

Congrats!It's great to see someone getting published.

gleichman said...

Gratz Zach!

Wonderful news.

Steve said...

Good work!

Louis Porter Jr. said...

Congrats! I know how crazy ir can be getting a new world setting out.

sirlarkins said...

Super cool! I'm hoping to put together a little PDF release myself in the near future--this is really inspirational. :)

Zachary The First said...

Thanks, guys! Feel free to spread the word--this little engine needs all the help it can get.

@SirLarkins: Awesome! I'll be happy to share my experiences with, if you're interested.