Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Discussion: What's Your Favorite Space/Sci-Fi RPG?

Every Friday, the hustle and bustle of the blogosphere's superhighway turns into the folksy quietness of a country dirt road, punctuated by the occasional passing fruit truck or lost tourist. In other words, all of us bloggers see our traffic take a nose dive. But here at RPG Blog II, we refuse to give into despair, which is why every week we offer up a hard-hitting, insightful gaming question to keep the conversation motoring into the weekend.

So lift your weary head, and let's have another pre-weekend chat! No prize this week, but if I see you at Gen Con I'll throw a d20 or dsomething your way (be ready to duck).

Our question today is an easy one (right?):

What is your favorite space/sci-fi RPG? What in particular makes it your favorite? (Bonus: How would you pitch it in one or two sentences to someone else?).

Have a great weekend! Let's chat!


Anonymous said...

Right now, I'm digging Mongoose Traveller. I'd have never thought I'd have said that a year ago, but their support level has been excellent.

A pitch? Well, I guess I might try to work Firefly in there. :)

Gleichman said...

Mine would be HERO System, it doesn't lock me into one vision or one setting, but can be adjusted to match whatever I need. And in sc-fi, that is the most important single requirement I can think of.

Soul Existence said...

I am loving the Star Wars Saga Edition. The improvements over 3.5 are immense. I'd like to try some traveler sometime, though, and WH40k:DH is intriguing.

Badelaire said...

It's really kinda sad to say this question is really difficult for me.

I'm in a Classic Traveller game right now, but the game itself is nothing but frustration, so I can't call Traveller my "favorite".

I've got the original Star Wars RPG books, and I think they are fabulous, but I've never played them and don't know if I ever will. This is sad, but I'll still hope one day I can put them to use.

GURPS can do Sci-Fi awfully well, and I don't mind playing in GURPS games, but it's not a system I'd be able to GM very well. Still, I've had good sci-fi experiences with it, and their sci-fi sourcebooks are excellent.

StarSIEGE is the new kid on the block for me, and one of these days I will get my hands on it, because it looks great. I've read the free primer and a friend of mine has the rules, and speaks very highly of the game. So right now, it's my last, best hope for Sci-Fi RPGing.

Great Friday Morning topic for discussion!

Barking Alien said...

I primarily play Sci-Fi/Space Adventure RPG and have been since 1983.

My main game was always Star Trek by FASA, then a combo of classic Traveller and Space Opera with a side order of WEG D6 Star Wars later on.

These days it's Star Trek by Last Unicorn Games and classic Traveller. I think Mongoose's version is pretty cool but after so many years I've houseruled the original just the way I like it.


Zachary The First said...

Good responses, guys! Glad you like the topic!

@Badelaire: I’m a big CT fan, though I know it has its shortcomings. What do you find frustrating in particular? Task resolution? Starship combat (yipes!)?

Bonemaster said...

Funny you ask this. I'd have to say without a doubt Traveller. (TNE does not exist)

My second favorite has to be 1st and 2nd editions of Gamma World.

My Third favorite has to be the crappy old Star Trek from FASA.

Can someone tell that I'm somewhat of an old schooler?

Donny said...

D20 Dragonstar, from Fantasy Flight Games.

Best campaign I have ever run. Period.

It was never brought up to 3.5, but it ended up being a blast if WotC would just putout 4E modern/future...

Pitch? Where else can you play a high gravity adjusted space elf leading a rebellion against a Cybernetically enhanced Red Dragon emperor, surrounded by hordes of Drow Secret Police, while the illithids invade from the Dark zone?

Badelaire said...

"I’m a big CT fan, though I know it has its shortcomings. What do you find frustrating in particular? Task resolution? Starship combat (yipes!)?"

No, it'd be the gaming group...

And I'll put in another vote for FASA Star Trek. I think system-wise it's a trainwreck, but concept-wise, ST (especially classic trek) has immense gaming appeal to me.

Joseph said...

I'd have to vote for FASA's Star Trek game too, although I actually ended up playing more games of its *excellent* "Starship Combat Simulator" game than the actual RPG itself.

That was one sweet game, and the figures were terrific. Blew away SFB completely...

Although I'd be remiss if I didn't throw in Gamma World. Never did get into Traveler, although I did buy all the LBB's...

Anonymous said...

I honestly like Alternity from WOTC(Well it was still TSR at the time). In perticular the Star*Drive setting. It was full of cool races, neat places, and had tons of reasons to adventure.

I've played star wars, and I've never looked at traveller, but I have just about all of the alternity books.

Sadly, I've never been able to run a game yet. But I'm still trying. Maybe after I get some work done on my DND4e campaign, I'll start putting together some material for that.

Robert Saint John said...

I can say wihtout hesitation that Thousand Suns has become my favorite SF RPG. This matches my preference toward older "grand space opera" science fiction such as the works of Asimov, Pournelle/Niven, Piper, etc. TS perfectly captures the atmosphere of that style of SF, has a single easy-but-powerful mechanic, and I find it much more flexible than Traveller, especially in terms of settings.

After that, I will also throw my hat into the ring with a big nod to FASA's Trek. Still a classic.

Blotz said...

I haven't played an authentic SF game in a long time. In no particular order,I like Hero System and GURPS for Sci Fi. Steve Jackson's supplements are so well written I'd reccomend them no matter what system you're using. I have a copy of GURPS Humanx on my shelf dying to get played.

Anyone for Star Frontiers?

Billy said...

New Blogger getting started, give me some support.

John said...

Original: Blue Planet, without a doubt. The first edition rules were seriously clunky and the second are simply serviceable, but it's easily the most imaginative hard SF roleplaying game ever created. That I'm a huge marine biology buff doesn't hurt, but BP is a work of genius by any science fiction fan's standards.

Licensed: Am I the only person here who really enjoyed Decipher's Coda System Star Trek RPG? It had its flaws, but the system was for my money much more elegant than Last Unicorn Games's, and they produced some really nice sourcebooks. Great production values too.

I think people's feelings toward that game and the Coda Lord of the Rings were tainted by Decipher's singularly crappy marketing and business decisions, which is a shame, but the fan support for both games has been quite impressive, and ST captures the feeling of the shows impressively.