Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Help Me Choose My Other Gen Con Event!

OK, so I've already submitted and am waiting for my other two Gen Con events to be recognized. One is a Microlite74 2-hour dungeon bash called "Smash n' Grab at Kobold Caverns" that's aimed towards folks who have limited time at the Con to game and don't want a 4 hour block of time, but still want to get in some not-too-serious gaming goodness. The other is the 2009 GM's Jam (and if you volunteered to be on the panel, thanks, I'm just waiting back to hear it was accepted before letting folks know).

Those will both be on Saturday, with the game at 10:00 and the seminar at 1:00. I'm thinking of doing one more event Thursday afternoon--everything else will be interviews, photos, demos, and liveblogging (and possibly a RPG Bloggers panel)!

So, with me willing to register one more event, I need to narrow it down what I want it to be. I am open to other suggestions, but below you'll find the 4 I primarily had it narrowed down to. If you would, please read over the following list and take a minute to comment on which one or two would be your favorites:

Additional GM's Seminar:
I'm already doing one GM's Seminar--it's designed as a give-and-take, relaxed event that's more of a generalist's look at GMing issues. Given the number of panel volunteers and just because I love discussing stuff with other GMs, I was thinking of doing a second panel--either another generalist one (for folks who can't make the other one) or one that's issue-specific (I'm thinking maybe "How to Deal With Problem Players"--that should be a common issue).

Risus Traveller: By far my favorite beer n' pretzels, short-notice RPG, Risus is fantastic for running a number genres, but it works surprisingly well when paired with Traveller. I'd love a little light Free Trader smuggling-run-gone-awry action, and think this would be a blast that's easy for folks to get into, but I'm also worried it would attract a bunch of Travnards who don't enjoy the "loosey-goosey" rules I'm using. Bottom line, not sure what the audience would be.

Rifts: Palladium Books won't be at Gen Con this year, and I usually run one or two short demos of my favorite illogical post-apocalyptic kitchen sink madhouse. I have a couple of pretty good convention scenarios folks seem to like, but crowds for the game seem to be split about evenly between folks who love Rifts and really want to play, folks who have heard of Rifts and want to give it a shot, and folks who hate Rifts and want to spend time telling you how much they hate it (while playing in a Rifts game).

Additional Microlite74 Session: I'm really looking forward to my one 2-hour session of Microlite74--it's my hope that folks who are only there for one day or who have a lot of obligations canuse it as a way to get some gaming in without using up half of their time at the convention. I'm thinking of offering the same that Thursday.

I would add in addition to this, I plan to run In Harm's Way for some friends one night, but that's not anything I'll be registering. Thanks in advance for the advice and input!


HinterWelt said...

You know my answer...A two hour SA! event would dovetail nicely with Microlite74...;)

bonemaster said...

I haven't thought that far in advance about what I want to do Gen Con. All my energy has been focused on making sure I can get there. I'll start working out what I'm going to do in a few weeks, when I've caught my breath from both work and gaming madness.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Rifts. The world needs more Rifts love.

Matt C said...

Although I won't be at Gen Con, I second the Rifts nomination. More Rifts love is needed.