Saturday, February 7, 2009

HinterBlog & Gaming Company Blogs

In what's sort of a tie-in to my post earlier in the week, I heard today that Bill Corrie of HinterWelt Enterprises is starting up a blog, aptly titled HinterBlog. Bill is the force behind not only one of my favorite settings/games of all time, Roma Imperious, but he also has this strange obsession with squirrels. (Seriously, Squirrel Attack! products are great beer n' pretzels and convention games). I don't want to pigeonhole here, because HinterWelt does everything from light comedy to alt-history to fantasy to sci-fi, and have become one of my favorite companies in the process. Also, Bill is really interesting when he discusses the business and design side of the hobby (at least to me), and I think it'll be refreshing to have a gaming blog leaning towards those sorts of articles.

First Precis Intermedia, now HinterWelt--it seems my favorite gaming companies are going bloggy. What other gaming companies do you know of that have blogs worth following? I know there are a number out there--I just want some other takes on what you find worth following.


Gleichman said...

This is one of the rare cases where you and I disagree.

I find his systems boring and without soul, his thoughts on game design more market focused than anything else. But the market doesn't speak to me.

I consider a game to be a system first and foremost- one that should be interesting in and of itself no matter the setting.

HinterWelt on the other hand is all about setting. He knows little to nothing about mechanics and only uses them because he knows that settings by themselves don't sell.

Big yawn.

As someone who publishes however he does have good insight into the industry. For that the blog will be worthwhile (although not to a non-publisher like myself).

HinterWelt said...

Thanks Zach! I am hoping to get my design decisions behind The System up sometime today and continue with my various design and development decisions on the Zombipocalypse. I think it will be an interesting experiment in putting my thoughts somewhere that folks can read and get a better grip on.

Thanks for the bump!


Zachary The First said...

@gleichman: Well, I guess we were bound to disagree at some point. :) I think it may be that our system/setting splits might be a little different. I tend to rip out settings and match them with systems I'm trying. In general, I do find industry bits pretty interesting usually, unless they devolve into navel-gazing. :)

@HinterWelt: Not a problem, Bill. Looking forward to it!

Gleichman said...

Yes, our interests here are quite different. For me to buy or even examine a system there has to be something interesting in that system. And that just doesn't happen very often.

I've passed on games even with setting that I 'like'. For example Middle Earth or Firefly. Unless the mechanics bring something to the table, the setting is something I can likely do better myself.

In part I think this relates to the fact that settings don't represent the same thing to different people. Thus another person's vision of Middle Earth generally won't match what I consider to be Middle Earth.

Hence, no interest in setting based products. And since that makes up almost all the published game lines these day- no interest in them either.

clash bowley said...

Another one bites the dust!

It's on the very short list of blogs I visit. Thanks Zachary!


HinterWelt said...

Sorry and thanks Clash. We will see how it goes.

clash bowley said...

Hi Bill!

No need to be sorry! I think Zachary is - as usual - spot on. Just because I'm having great difficulty jumping on this particular train doesn't mean you shouldn't. :D


Zachary The First said...

It's all good, clash. Any time you want to guest post to try it out, mi casa su casa. :)

HinterWelt said...

Similarly Clash, you are welcome on the HinterBlog whenever you get the urge.

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