Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looking For GMs For Gen Con Panel!

Going to be at Gen Con? Have about 90 minutes you can contribute? Are you a Game Master, and a damned good one at that?

No matter what system folks utilize, some Game Master/Dungeon Master/Referee problems are the same all over--player distractions, prop ideas, rules arguments, what to add to our games, and how to give the players the gaming experience possible. This year, I plan on doing a GM's Corner seminar at Gen Con Indy, likely 90 minutes in length, where a panel of experienced GMs lead a general idea sharing, brainstorming, problem-solving session where Game Masters can find answers to problems, and give solutions of their own to other common GM issues.

I've done this before on the "GM-Fu" panel, and it was a lot of fun. I would like 2-3 experienced GMs out there to be on the panel to help me sort of direct the flow of discussion and to help get things moving. If you're a RPG Blogger who's dialed a lot of the discussion out there, so much the better! I have learned something every year I've done this, and I hope plenty of folks take the time to stop by. If you're interested, please drop me a line at mail(dot) Even if you don't want to be on the panel, please stay tuned here for an event announcement on the seminar itself!


Tim Jensen said...

You're not going to be able to cover much ground in 90 minutes (Less if a moderator is late, which is quite common). I suggest you focus on one game system or one GM topic to discuss per 90-minute time block.

Zachary The First said...

@Tim: I've done this before, and we've been able to hit 5-6 topics in the time frame. Perhaps not as in-depth as if we made it more focused, but I think enough to light some fires. Thanks for the comment, and thanks to the volunteers via email!

Tony Law said...

Doh! Can't believe I missed this. Sent the e-mail but I'm sure the panel will be full by now. :(