Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Top 10 Favorite DnD Monsters

So recently, I've seen a number of other blogs post their favorite D&D monsters; guess it's my turn. Below you'll find my 10 most favorite D&D baddies, monsters, and creepies of all time (with links to the appropriate entry in the d20 SRD):

1) Rust Monster: This creature may well be a litmus test for DMs everywhere. I love letting the players know nothing is sacred, and challenging them in different ways than they're used to. Personally, I say don't nerf it; just accept it.

2) Goblins: Monster? Heck, I love them as a PC!

3) Black Dragon: Nasty, vicious, cunning, monstrous bastards without a shred of redeeming qualities. Plus the acid breath seems to always catch my players at the worst time (not that there's a good time for a stream of acid, mind).

4) Troll: He's down. He's back up. He's down. He's back up. He's horribly dismembered. He's back up. Fire. He's down.

5) Bulette: A shark. On land. Landshark. For more on this predator that's only silly when you aren't in it's path, consult Jeff Rients.

6) Gray Elf: I really don't like elves. In my setting, gray elves (or rather, their equivalent), are total d-bags. We've killed more elves in our campaigns than R.A. Salvatore. For this, they make the list as a preferred villian. Wood elves fare much better, but that's a tale for another day.

7) Hill Giants: Because nothing makes your players feel better than taking down a FRIGGIN GIANT.

8) Red Dragon: Sort of the classic dragon, isn't it, with the cone of fire and whatnot? I think they show up as lower/mid-level "boss" villains as much as any other baddie in my games.

9) Gelatinous Cube: One of the best "oh crap" monsters at a DM's disposal during a dungeon delve.

10) Kobolds: Since I prefer goblins more as PCs, kobolds are the best magic missle fodder I have.


jeffx said...

Am I wrong or was the rust monster in the little dungeon that came with the Red Box Set? I seem to remember that it did.

Samuel Van Der Wall said...

LOL @ Landshark. I don't know why, but that still makes me laugh...

ChattyDM said...

Our lists seem to pretty close. You are obviously a man of great taste in D&D monsters.


Blotz said...

Ok! I'm gonna start an RPG Blog just to publish my list!!!

Gleichman said...

Interesting that so many people like the Rust Monster.

But it fits given the love of D&D that would inspire the list in the first place.

It almost defines my personal view of D&D in a way...

Zachary The First said...

@gleichman: I know you've not been hot n' heavy into D&D for awhile, but I personally think the rust monster can be pretty polarizing for those who play D&D. I think Mearls felt it was too punitive. What's your take on it?

Gleichman said...

@Zachary: I think I'm more inclined to agree with Mearls if that was his opinion.

We didn't us it much back in the day (pre-1980), and when we did we removed its affect on magical items. It seemed counter-genre for use.

When we switched to Middle Earth, creatures like that don't really below. It's a mark of a wide open high magic campaign world, as are many D&D creatures to my mind. The really don't belong anywhere else.

Except Mind Flayers. Still can get into Mind Flayers.

Gleichman said...

An the Scubbi, can't forget the Scubbi...

Zachary The First said...

Frankly, I was sorry we didn't see more of the Flumph. But that's another list.

L. Beau said...

The troll gets knocked down,
But he gets up again

Remember Chumbawumba?

The trolls' anthem!

Mark Gedak said...

My list is:
1) Otyugh
2) Grell
3) Hook Horror
4) Rust Monsters
5) Mimics
6) Green Dragons
7) Nagpas
8) Bulette
9) Decapus
10) Shriekers

Zachary The First said...

@ L. Beau: Close as anything, I suppose! :)

@ Mark: Solid list. I see we have some crossover. :) Love that Hook Horror!

Anonymous said...

care for the most disgusting monsters?