Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pathfinder RPG Fan Sites

The Pathfinder Open Beta playtest ended this week--now it's all previews, talk, and snippets until the PFRPG release at Gen Con Indy. I'm optimistic about Pathfinder and its continuation of OGL support, but will withhold final judgment until we see a final product.

In any case, in honor of the closing of the Beta, here's a few Pathfinder fan site I've discovered that folks may wish to check out:

Pathfinder Wiki:
This pleasantly-designed site is a repository for information on the Pathfinder setting of Golarian, as well as how concepts such as magic work in the RPG.

pfogc: If its Open Game Content, and it's in Pathfinder, you'll find it here. Clean and simple, functional layout.

Pathfinder Portal: Not a whole lot going on here yet, but there are a few nice links here and there. It does feature nice, regular news updates.

I'm sure there's a few more sites out there (and will be many more to come), but that's a nice start to get you going.


Mark Gedak said...

I think pfogc is only OGC from Pathfinder Beta so far. A while back, I think Erik might have asked not to do that because those rules were in flux and it would be a waste of time.

A certain Grand OGL Wiki also has OGC from the first two Adventure Path Modules and Classic Monsters.

Zachary The First said...

@ Mark: I believe so. It'll be interesting to see what happens with that site pending the final rules release.

Ed Healy said...

Thanks for listing these. If you find more, let us know...

Tas said...

Hi guys. I know the post is kinda old, but I also have a site. It's called the "Pathfinder Database" ( and it contains a repository of fan-created rules and options.

mario said...

nice, im kinda liking pathfinder now.