Sunday, March 8, 2009

Four Free Gaming Things

Quite a week, wasn't it? Well, let me soothe your jangled nerves with a collection of four free products, the contents of which will undoubtedly blow your mind:

-Dungeonslayers, a quick, pick-up RPG for a retro blast through dungeons, has been translated from the German version and is available here as a free pdf (and under a Creative Commons license!).

-Microlite74 2.0 is out. This is a revision of the earlier rules of the same name, and looks to clean things up (they weren't already?) and bring them in line with more of a 0e feel. I plan to use this rules version for my old-school 2-hour dungeon smash n' grab at Gen Con Indy.

-Dungeon Doors: Need some doors to go with your cardstock miniatures or display? Download these dungeon doors for free and add them to the mix.

-Castle of the Mad ArchMage: Forget all those places offering to sell you an old-school dungeon! Greyhawk Grognard has recently released (12 MB pdf) the second level of their fine and fitting continuation of What The Rest of Zagyg Could (Should) Have Been. With a new, free update each month this year, this has to be one of the best RPG projects to follow this year, paid or no.


Joseph said...

Zac, I cannot thank you enough for your kind words. I'm doing what I'm doing with Castle of the Mad Archmage because, frankly, I was going to do it for myself anyway. I felt I might as well share my efforts with my fellow fans. That you find my work so pleasing is just... humbling. Thanks.

Oh, and the check is in the mail. ;-)

Zachary The First said...

LOL...thanks! With kid #3 coming tomorrow (inducing), that money will help!

Seriously, though, its a great product, and a lot of fun anticipating what's coming next.

Joseph said...

I've only got but the one, and she was a c-section, so more power to you!

You know the old joke:

1st kid, when the bottle hits the ground you sterilize it

2nd, when the bottle hits the ground you wash it off

3rd, when the bottle hits the ground you wipe it on your sleeve and figure that's good enough