Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gaming In 1991: Dave Arneson Speaks

It had been some seventeen years since the initial publication of Dungeons & Dragons when Dave Arneson contributed his essays to Heroic Worlds in 1991, but his words were sharp as ever. I found the following excerpt in the book from Professor Arneson especially entertaining:

"Contrary to rumor, the players and I were all quite in control of our mental processes when D&D was designed. I also hasten to point out that the Chainmail connection was the use of the combat matrix and nothing more. Find a first-edition Chainmail and compare it to a first-edition Original D&D someday and you will see that for yourself: not a hit point, character class, level, or armor class, much less any role-playing aspects in Chainmail.

The lads in Lake Geneva got turned on to it. Tactical Studies Rules [TSR], a Lake Geneva-based game company, was already publishing historical rules and was willing to do D&D. The rest, as they say, is history."

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