Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Great RPG Tournament: Elite 8!

Believe it or not, we are down to our last 8 contestants for the Ultimate RPG Bragging Rights! And boy, did our Sweet 16 results produce some MAJOR upsets! I personally gnash my teeth, as my personal bracket lies in shambles. Read on for the results:

(Winners in bold, upsets in red)

Rust Monster Region

1 Rules Cyclopedia D&D lost to 4 Warhammer Fantasy 2e
-The Cyclopedia's comprehensive playstyle was narrowly beaten by the sheer grit of WFRP.

14 Torg lost to 2 Pathfinder
-Torg's dream season ended to the OGL up-and-comer. Still, they should be proud of their run.

Black Pudding Region

1 D&D 4th Edition lost to 5 Hackmaster
-Despite running some complex offensive scheme and continually shifting all over the court, Hackmaster was just too adversarial. Our second #1 seed falls!

6 Thousand Suns lost to 2 Call of Cthulhu
-Thousand Suns met its match in a blowout. Revenge next year?

Grue Region

1 D&D 3.5 defeated 4 Two-Fisted Tales
-3.5 needed overtime to beat a pesky TFT crew, but beat them they did.

6 Swords & Wizardry lost to 7 Spycraft 2.0
-Spycraft has had some tough contest, but keeps making it through.

Flumph Region

1 Classic Traveller lost to 5 AD&D 1e
-One of the closest games of the tourney, AD&D barely squeaked this one out. CT's veterans have no reason to be shamed, though.

11 Squirrel Attack! lost to 2 Labyrinth Lord
-Squirrel Attack's Cinderella season ended here. Labyrinth Lord is picking up steam!

Let's see what our matchups will be for this round:

Rust Monster Region

4 Warhammer Fantasy 2e vs. 2 Pathfinder

Black Pudding Region

5 Hackmaster vs. 2 Call of Cthulhu

Grue Region

1 D&D 3.5 vs. 7 Spycraft 2.0

Flumph Region

5 AD&D 1e vs. 2 Labyrinth Lord

The competition continues to heat up! At this point, the title winner is anyone's guess (including mine!) Anyone still have a dog in this hunt?


Chgowiz said...

*sigh* I was pulling for S/W. At least 1E is still in it.

Zachary The First said...

I'll be happy with whomever comes out of the Flumph region at this point.

A lot of favorites have bit the dust! I can't wait to see the final four!

S&W had a good run. Be of good cheer! :)

Mad Brew said...

Awesome! This is better than watching the big ten college basketball tournament.

Zachary The First said...

@ Mad Brew: Recently, that’s not saying much! ;)
Go Boilers! The last Indiana team in the dance (well, out of the two).

Olman Feelyus said...

Oh disaster. Call of Cthulu is the only team I have left standing. They better take it all the way!

greywulf said...

The Rules Cyclopedia was robbed! Robbed I tell ya! :D

Zachary The First said...

I know some of these are tough pills to swallow. If anyone's bracket isn't a burning shambles, I'd like to know how!

Mark said...

Greywulf - why? Just because the RC team suddenly and mysteriously came down with the plague-like symptoms right before gametime, and had to be quarantined? Nothing suspicious about that... Nothing at all...

Interesting - if I'm reading the brackets right, this means we won't have an all-D&D final.

I'm pulling for WFRP for the win, but can anyone stop the juggernaut that is D&D 3.5?

Zachary The First said...

Just FYI, Rust Monster winner plays Grue winner. Black Pudding and Flumph winners play.

Ryan said...

It's a good thing for all these other games that Ninjas & Superspies was barred from competition after that steroid/cybernetics scandal last year.

Dang, I had money on the RC. Should have gone with WFRP2...those damned Fortune Points.

HinterWelt said...

The squirrels were cheated!!!!!ahh, nuts to this. ;)