Friday, March 27, 2009

The Great RPG Tournament: Final 4!

Well, we are now down to our final four contestants for ultimate RPG bragging rights! That’s right! Out of our original 64 RPGs vying for this honor, we are down to four games. Brackets have been busted, hopes dashed. And for a very few, the dream continues. Let’s go to the action

(For our last round, click here):

Rust Monster Region

4 Warhammer Fantasy 2e defeated 2 Pathfinder
-What a bloodbath! Warhammer isn’t even slowing down.

Grue Region

1 D&D 3.5 defeated 7 Spycraft 2.0
-D&D looks tired. But they managed to remind a pesky Spycraft squad just where they came from.

Black Pudding Region

5 Hackmaster defeated 2 Call of Cthulhu
-The lowest-remaining seed, Hackmaster is on the warpath. Even a cosmic horror can be hacked.

Flumph Region

2 Labyrinth Lord defeated 5 AD&D 1e
-AD&D proved that a veteran RPG could still make a great run. Labyrinth Lord is showing a veteran RPG revitalized may be able to take it all.

So, our Final Four matchups for a place in the championship game will be:

Warhammer Fantasy vs. D&D 3.5
-Does D&D have anything left in the tank? Warhammer takes no prisoners.

Hackmaster vs. Labyrinth Lord
-Does the Hack stop here? Can Labyrinth Lord finish the dream season?

Tune in Monday to see who will be in the final battle! However it plays out, it looks like it’ll be all-fantasy!

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