Monday, March 23, 2009

The Great RPG Tournament: Sweet 16

We're down to only 16 RPGs still standing in our 2009 Great RPG Tourney! And boy, were there some upsets! I was very disappointed to see a lot of personal faves go, but that's just how the dice roll.

(Click here for Round 1 action)

(Winners in bold, upsets in red):

Rust Monster Region

1 Rules Cyclopedia D&D def.
8 Basic Fantasy RPG

5 In Harm's Way lost to
4 Warhammer Fantasy 2e

6 Basic Roleplaying lost to
14 Torg

7 Star Wars d6 lost to
2 Pathfinder

Black Pudding Region

1 D&D 4th Edition def.
9 Castles & Crusades

5 Hackmaster def.
4 GURPS 4e

6 Thousand Suns def.
14 AD&D 2e

10 Houses of the Blooded lost to
2 Call of Cthulhu

Grue Region

1 D&D 3.5 def.
8 Risus

12 Microlite74 lost to
4 Two-Fisted Tales

6 Swords & Wizardry def.
3 RuneQuest

7 Spycraft 2.0 def.
2 Savage Worlds

Flumph Region

1 Classic Traveller def.
8 Encounter Critical

5 AD&D 1e def.
4 Mongoose Traveller

11 Squirrel Attack! def.
3 Aces and Eights

7 7th Sea lost to
2 Labyrinth Lord

Here's the pairings for the next round (with results to be announced Monday):

Rust Monster Region

1 Rules Cyclopedia D&D vs. 4 Warhammer Fantasy 2e

14 Torg vs. 2 Pathfinder

Black Pudding Region

1 D&D 4th Edition vs. 5 Hackmaster

6 Thousand Suns vs. 2 Call of Cthulhu

Grue Region

1 D&D 3.5 vs. 4 Two-Fisted Tales

6 Swords & Wizardry vs. 7 Spycraft 2.0

Flumph Region

1 Classic Traveller vs. 5 AD&D 1e

11 Squirrel Attack! vs. 2 Labyrinth Lord

Only a few more roadblocks, as we use this ultra-scientific method to determine the Best RPG. Are 3.5 and 4e on a collision course? Does Torg have any magic left? Does Classic Traveller have enough in the tank for one more run to glory? Who will be the first #1 to fall? Can Hackmaster do the unthinkable? What the hell is Squirrel Attack doing? What do you think the biggest upset of the round was? Not even I know what's in store for the next round! Tune in Wednesday to see who makes it into the Elite 8!


Olman Feelyus said...

Ouch, I got crushed in that round, with implications for the rest of the bracket. Personally, too, how did Savage Worlds lose?

I'd say Squirrel Attack is the cinderella team at this point. I highly doubt they will be able to get by Labrynth Lord though. I think their fairy tale comes to an end this round.

Dominic said...

It's all about Squirrel Attack! They are totally going to win.

(Can anyone defeat the mighty behemoth that is D&D?)

Zachary The First said...

@Olman: I have to think you’re right. Squirrel Attack has been getting by on sheer guts up to this point, but I have to think the #2 seed will polish them off.

@Dominic: I don’t know—there are some really tough contenders left. The questions would be—which version of D&D? They’ve almost all put on a pretty good show thus far.

Mark said...

Very interesting. I too see a D&D showdown in the near future - I don't think many of the other contenders have much left in the tank.

That will be an interesting contrast in styles - 4e's "Run and Gun" fast-paced up-tempo style versus the well-planned, methodical grind-it-out halfcourt game of 3.5. Although people shouldn't discount AD&D 1e's classic pick-and-roll, backdoor bounce-pass game. It's a thing of beauty when well-executed, although their players physically can't match up with the sheer size and athleticism of the 3.5 and 4e teams. They sure have heart, though!

I realize you did the field a favor by leaving WFRP 1st edition out of the tournament bracket, and including it's more mild-mannered 2nd edition protege instead. No one wanted to see the rest of the field reduced to quivering chunks of trollslayer bait, or transformed into a Nurgle Chaos Spawn, before we even got out of the 1st round.

And who can forget the travesty of the '91 tournament, where a warpgate conveniently appeared over AD&D 2e's locker room during halftime and sucked the whole team into another dimension, thereby handing the game and the tournament to WFRP 1st edition?

Zachary The First said...

Indeed. We're lucky WFRP 1e is still under sanctions for that, is tourney-ineligible!

sirlarkins said...

Wow, GURPS and BRP go down in the same round. That hurts.

I guess I'm pulling for Hackmaster to pull off an upset and I'll transfer my BRP sympathies over to CoC. Go 'Pods!

HinterWelt said...

Squirrels win because they have big nuts!