Friday, March 20, 2009

Great RPG Tournament Update!

Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gents, because the battle between RPGs for supremacy is just heating up! Here's the region by region recap of the first round of our March Madness, which pits 64 RPGs against each other for ultimate bragging rights! See if your favorite is alive, or was one of our crushing upsets! Each contest was decided by the rolling of the percentiles, as detailed here. Don't forget to update your brackets!

1st-Round Recap:

(Winners in bold, upsets in red)

Rust Monster Region

1 Rules Cyclopedia D&D def.

8 Basic Fantasy RPG def.
9 Spirit of the Century

5 In Harm's Way def.
12 MegaTraveller

4 Warhammer Fantasy 2e def.
13 Lords of Creation

6 Basic Roleplaying def.
11 StarCluster2

3 Amber lost to
14 Torg

7 Star Wars d6 def.
10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

2 Pathfinder def.
15 Wushu

Black Pudding Region

1 D&D 4th Edition def.
16 Spawn of Fashan

8 Werewolf: The Forsaken lost to
9 Castles & Crusades

5 Hackmaster def.
12 Rifts

4 GURPS 4e def.
13 Cyberpunk 2020

6 Thousand Suns def.

3 True20 lost to
14 AD&D 2e

7 Roma Imperious lost to
10 Houses of the Blooded

2 Call of Cthulhu def.
15 Empire of Satanis

Grue Region

1 D&D 3.5 def.
16 Nobilis

8 Risus def.
9 Lacuna Part I

5 Shadowrun lost to
12 Microlite74

4 Two-Fisted Tales def.
13 Truth & Justice

6 Swords & Wizardry def.
11 Palladium Fantasy

3 RuneQuest def.
14 World of Synnibar

7 Spycraft 2.0 def.
10 Epic Role Playing

2 Savage Worlds def.
15 Exalted 2e

Flumph Region

1 Classic Traveller def.
16 Cyborg Commando

8 Encounter Critical def.
9 Star Wars Saga Edition
(this one was a tie, and I had to reroll!)

5 AD&D 1e def.
12 Tunnels & Trolls

4 Mongoose Traveller def.
13 Maid RPG

6 Burning Wheel lost to
11 Squirrel Attack!

3 Aces and Eights def.
14 SenZar

7 7th Sea def.
10 Vampire: The Requiem

2 Labyrinth Lord def.
15 Wraethuthu

We're already down to 32 RPGs left vying for the top honor! This round will see who makes our Sweet 16. Here are the matchups, with results Monday:

Rust Monster Region

1 Rules Cyclopedia D&D
8 Basic Fantasy RPG

5 In Harm's Way
4 Warhammer Fantasy 2e

6 Basic Roleplaying
14 Torg

7 Star Wars
2 Pathfinder

Black Pudding Region

1 D&D 4th Edition
9 Castles & Crusades

5 Hackmaster
4 GURPS 4e

6 Thousand Suns
14 AD&D 2e

10 Houses of the Blooded
2 Call of Cthulhu

Grue Region

1 D&D 3.5
8 Risus

12 Microlite74
4 Two-Fisted Tales

6 Swords & Wizardry
3 RuneQuest

7 Spycraft 2.0
2 Savage Worlds

Flumph Region

1 Classic Traveller
8 Encounter Critical

5 AD&D 1e
4 Mongoose Traveller

11 Squirrel Attack!
3 Aces and Eights

7 7th Sea
2 Labyrinth Lord

Remember, upsets will get a momentum bonus going into the second round, so we should have some barnburners! Stayed tuned to see which RPG can finally be declared The Best!


clash bowley said...

I see Squirrel Attack! is rumbling towards it's inevitable ultimate victory. Sneaky little furry bastards! They grabbed the refs' nuts and suborned the whole game! The squirrels chomp down and the refs cave. It's a disgrace I tell you! You knew what would happen if you let those damned fuzzy-tailed tree-rats in!


mthomas768 said...

Just for fun, I'm tracking the NCAA tournament using this bracket. I'll post it up after the first round...

Zachary The First said...

@mthomas: How fun! I shoulda thought of that!

We should have a good weekend of basketball as well. Not too many upsets, thus far...

Olman Feelyus said...

Yes, I'm kicking ass so far! This is my best bracket ever (at least so far). 23/32. I called the Squirrel Attack upset.

Huge upset by Torg. A foreshadowing for the Pundit?

Zachary The First said...

I could hardly believe the Torg upset myself! Perhaps the biggest one of the tourney so far.

I have to be impartial, but as an admirer of the Wuje, that one hurt.

L. Beau said...

Tunnels & Trolls would have survived this round, but (fill in rabid fan excuse here. )

(roll 1d6)
1. coaching issues
2. T&T handicapped by late-season injuries
3. poor/biased officiating
4. T&T 7 is a "rebuilding edition"
5. AD&D 1e "just got lucky"
6. failed Saving Roll vs. poor tournament seeding

Zachary The First said...

#4 is my fave. :)

HinterWelt said...

You just have nut envy. Sad really. Squirrels RULE!!!!

Zachary The First said...

Don't get too confident, yet, Bill! Aces & Eights is in top form, and should be a pretty tough nut to crack!

sirlarkins said...

Finally, a March Madness I can really get behind! I'll be keeping a close eye on 4e vs. C&C.

Go BRP! Woo!