Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Your Own Words: Remembering Gary

A year ago today, gamers everywhere lost a buddy. Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, passed away, and our hobby still greatly feels his loss.

There's going to be a lot said about Gary today, and I know that my own poor words would never be sufficient to relay just how much this man and his creations meant to so many of us. So because I believe that Gary's greatest legacy is the millions of folks he made happy and inspired, I've decided to simply let the comments of a multitude of gamers tell that story. It's the best tribute I can think of for a man who was so beloved and respected by so many.

If you have a memory about Gary, want to talk about what his work meant to you, or just want to say a simple "thank you" for all he did, please leave your thoughts and comments below. If you don't have a blog, please, for today, consider this your forum. Let's share, reminisce, and fellowship together about our "Uncle Gary", and his wonderful, amazing creation.


Lewis Frank said...

Thanks, Gary. AD&D took a stressful time in my life and turned it into something fun. I also met my wife in 1984 at a AD&D game! We have a biweekly gaming session now with our youngest child and a few friends. The hobby's come a long way, and we miss you, but we celebrate what you brought us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gary! I met you at Gen Con in 1981 (I think that or '82), and you were far nicer than you should have been to an annoying little kid.

Still playing your game (AD&D!)

James V said...

Thanks Gary. Your passing inspired me to get back to the roots of the game as a GM and this weekend will be the first night of my fantasy campaign. Dangerous monsters, devious traps, and daunting dungeons await for a group of clever and stalwart adventurers.

We do the man a tribute every time we roll the dice and have a laugh, so let's keep rolling and laughing.

Zachary The First said...

@James: Have fun! I'm sure you're in for a great time. :)

@Lewis: That's awesome! I hope I can game with my kids when they're older.

@Anonymous: I met Gary at his last Gen Con in '07. He was incredibly gracious, then, too, to a much, older, bigger, adult "kid" in me who was probably just as annoying.

And well said, all of you.

Robert Saint John said...

I had thought about this last night for my own blog, and I realized that Gary's work wasn't just my introduction to D&D itself, nor even just RPGs. I was almost exclusively focused on science fiction (and girls) at the time. If it wasn't for Gary's work, I might not have dipped deeper into the fantasy genre. No Tolkien, no Howard, no Lovecraft -- I could have missed it all. Plus, D&D was also my gateway to other hobbies such as painting miniatures and was a big part of my art and writing at the time. So I thank Gary for what he gave me in 1978, one of a few major influences that opened up whole new worlds that impact me to this very day.

Scott Malthouse said...

Thanks Gary, you made me the nerd I am today and I couldn't be happier. Many, many fun hours playing D&D and introducing others to the game were all because of you. I just wish I could have met you, but at least I'm friends with people who did.

Mad Brew said...

I too had the pleasure of speaking with Gary on several occasions. The last at GenCon '07 (no doubt the same place and perhaps minutes apart from where/when you did Zachary).

I am just glad I had the opportunity to say thanks to Gary while I could!

Drew said...

I was lucky enough to meet Gary a long time ago at a Convention. I was running a game, and spotted him across the room. I excused myself and approached him gingerly, and he greeted me like an old friend. He even laughed when I panicked that I had nothing on me for him to Autograph, and whipped out a Courtesy Card and signed it for me "Adventure Always - Gary Gygax". I'm 47 now, and I still adore DnD (now 4th Edition). I have nothing but thanks and fond memories for Gary and DnD. He will be sorely missed. Thanks Gary - Drew