Monday, March 23, 2009

Kitchen-Sink d20

One of the campaigns I've been considering running once Pathfinder (final) is released and our current game runs its course is a Kitchen-Sink, Anything Goes, d20/OGL campaign. I'm talking 3.5, Pathfinder, OGL products, Green Ronin, Alderac, Forgotten Realms, Iron Kingdoms, Dragon Magazine, and everything else under the sun. If it is d20 and fantasy-based, and you have the book or pdf (legally), then we can work it. The rule would be "everything's ok until it isn't", meaning unless I specifically say no, it could be allowed.

There is a stunning amount of OGL product out there, and there's a lot of it that wasn't very good. And between using 3.5, Pathfinder, and a mess of eclectic supplements, there's sure to be some "rubbing" where the rules don't quite line up, or parts of the game that seems a bit at odds with one another. Old hat if you're a Rifts GM, but furthermore, I sort of like when that sort of "rubbing" or non-fit occurs. It can generate some interesting results and decisions. Of course, it can also drop into an unqualified mess.

If I go through with this, I can only imagine the Grand OGL Wiki will be a great ally with this, in addition to usual use of the SRD. I guess I'll allow the Netbook of Feats as well, though that's somewhat of a terrifying prospect.

(C'mon, Zack, you can do this. You've faced down Mega-Damage and Coalition Proto-Nazis and Vagabonds with their starting item of candy and True Atlantean Robot Pilots and Gunslinging Cyborgs and Palladium Combat over 25+ World Books and auto-dodge rules for Juicers. It can work. You can make it work. Lock it up).

I see I'm not the only blogger to consider this campaign/experiment. Could be interesting to write about. I'm not sure if I ever will get this off the ground, but I think it would be fun to compile a list of all the books used as we go through the experience. And it could be the only time my players would get to use some stuff from Eberron.

Any experiences with a game like, or something close to it? Anything d20-wise you've always wanted to use, but never had the chance? Do share!

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Mark Gedak said...

We always play Kitchen Sink d20, its our favourite game. For the most part my players are reasonable. I have on guy that often makes the unstoppable juggernaut, but he usually get's dominated or charmed and kills off some of the others. Since then he has moderated himself better.

Thanks for the Grand OGL Wiki mention, it always seems to cause a spike in traffic. I do need to get the SRD over there.