Saturday, March 14, 2009

My RPG Purchase of the Week: SORD Plus

In total this week, I spent $1.95 on RPG product, yet walked away pretty content.

My purchase at was SORD Plus, by Myth Merchant Press. SORD stands for System Operational Reference Digest. The first version of this product, SORD, is an effort to create a streamlined, easily referenced product for the rules and conditions of D&D 3.5 (which, as we all know, can be a bit daunting). SORD Plus takes this same concept to Pathfinder Beta, and I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Extensive bookmarking and some hyperlinks make this a good online reference; I was also really pleased with how it printed out in greyscale (the product is in color, but is designed to print well in grayscale also. Nicely divided tables give a summary of the rules, and give you what you need to understand the effect certain conditions and manuvers have on gameplay. Basically, any "fluff" has been ruthlessly wiped from this product, and what was left has been reorganized expertly into a product that should help player and GM alike. This is as much a rules compendium and reference as much as anything, and at that, it excels.

There's really no rule not touched on in here--from combat to conditions to armor to damage, saving throws, and every other item that is usually a page-flipper. Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase, and consider it a bargain at under $2. I anticipate this not only helping speed up our games, but educating on rules I perhaps poorly understood. It definitely has my recommendation for folks looking to run or play 3.5 or Pathfinder who, like me, aren't human rule databases. I certainly hope we can wield a SORD for the final version of Pathfinder as well.

(Note: Make sure that if you want the version for Pathfinder Beta, you'll want SORD Plus. For regular 3.5, just use SORD).

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