Thursday, March 5, 2009

Paizo Releases Compatibility License, Community Use Policy

I don't usually update this rapid-fire, but Paizo just announced their Pathfinder RPG Game Compatibility License and Community Use Policy. Seems like all we're talking about lately is licenses, doesn't it? (You have to like how they release it hot on the heels of the Revised GSL, too...)

Anyhow, give it a look, see what you think. I'd especially like to hear thoughts on their treatment of Termination and the Copyrights/Trademarks sections. To me, it looks pretty permissive, but as with the GSL, I'd love to get some other opinions (hopefully some folks who know their way around this stuff better than I do!).


Zachary The First said...

Quick Update: Looks like Necromancer and Sean K. Reynolds have signed on! Hooray for a new Tome of Horrors!


Mark Gedak said...

I would like to see TOH 4P. Instead of a revision of earlier TOHs.

jamused said...

It's much better than the GSL, since it provides that if they revoke without cause you can still sell off your remaining inventory, and if they change it you can still sell existing product under the old license until you run out and have to reprint. That said, I can't really see any reason at all anybody would use it rather than releasing a product under the OGL. "Compatible with Pathfinder" just doesn't strike me as being worth jumping through any hoops.

seankreynolds said...

{"Compatible with Pathfinder" just doesn't strike me as being worth jumping through any hoops.}

Copies of the 3.5 core books are growing scarce and expensive (check ebay and Amazon if you don't believe me), and it will only get worse. If you're a smart third-party publisher of 3e-compatible material, you're going to want to make sure your product is identified with the can-buy-new-copies-in-stores core RPG book for 3e stuff. Or go with your own branding. Or hope that your potential customers understand by looking at the cover that your book is 3e-compatible.

If the d20 logo is what told gamers "I can use this with 3e," the Pathfinder compatibility logo is the next generation of that.

Ron Perkins said...

Pathfinder License>GSL

Seriously, this is a good step for Paizo. Well done.

Bret said...

As SKR indicated, you want to keep current as a publisher. By producing Pathfinder compatible material, I'm giving my company more "immediacy" in the eyes of consumers. Tricky Owlbear Publishing (that's me) is already putting together our first product under the license (a bit early perhaps but that leaves plenty of time to get more ready before the Aug release date).