Friday, April 10, 2009

And Now, A Video Response To Mr. Leeds of WotC

Dear Mr. Leeds:


Ron Perkins said...

Well-chosen, sir. Amen and a hearty lol.

He needed a page of corporate speak to say nothing. You had a rebuttal in a single video.

Stuart said...

Credit where it's due - getting their president out to talk to people was a good choice. Video would have been better... but maybe he's not very comfortable on camera.

Tom said...

Oh boy that song is awful.

Mad Brew said...

I love these f'ing kind interviews... they don't ask anything we don't already know and never give the interviewee hard follow up questions.

Give something I can sink my teeth into, not PR fluff.

What digital distributions options are they think of?

What do you have to say about working copies being pirated? Have you investigated your own personnel or printers?

Exactly what damage does maintaining legal sales of already pirated material do?

How do you propose to stop the current material being pirated?

Did the current piracy protection measures do their job?

Didn't the watermarks help catch the original offenders?

What do you think the protection should have done?

What kind of DRM would like to have used?

Why can't you release sales figures?

Do you expect to see compensation from out of country offenders?

Do you think it would better more legitimate to sue them in the courts of their own nations?

What do you think about the United State's current IP protection laws?

What would say to people who think they are too strict and heavyhanded?

These are questions I want to see answered.

Mad Brew said...

Grammar edit:

What digital distributions options are you looking at?

Do you think it would be more legitimate to sue them in the courts of their own nations?

Grr, I need to proofread before I publish...

Zachary The First said...

@Tom: I can't help it. It's my Hoosier genes. :)

@Madbrew:The other thing that came to mind was "..full of sound and fury, signifying nothing". :)

Fred Hicks (Evil Hat Productions) said...

Well, that's a really damn disturbing video. I refused to watch it all the way through.

The interview is pure comedy, though.

Zachary The First said...

@Fred: You missed the twist at the end, the end!

oldtimer-gamer said...

All I get is a "This video is not available in your country" message!