Thursday, April 9, 2009

Free Basic Roleplaying Quick-Start PDF

I just found out that Chaosium is offering a free 32-page Quick-Start edition of their Basic Roleplaying system.

To get your free copy, click here. Nice move by Chaosium in making this available. Keep with the freebies, game companies! We appreciate you for it!


stu said...

It would be awesome... but since it requires a login and registration etc I'll pass.

Zachary The First said...

Fly in the ointment, huh?

I do think companies should be a bit more open with freebies. Requiring login/registration lowers the number of eyeballs that’ll take a look.

frogspawner said...

It’s easier to download BRP QuickStart from here:
BRP Central downloads - BRP QuickStart
(No need to register, and it’s still ‘official’).