Sunday, April 26, 2009

Free PDF Subscription: DM Sketchpad

Here's a cool news release from my pals over at the Grand OGL Wiki:

Mark Gedak from the Grand OGL Wiki had a crazy idea. Why not make a space on the Grand OGL Wiki ( to house new open game content of his own design. Starting on that day and each day since Bill Browne, Stefen Styrsky and Mark have been posted daily updates to the DM Sketchpad releasing new ideas under the Open Game License for the free consumption of Grand OGL Wiki users. These ideas were inspired by user’s requests things, we’ve found on the site or occurrences in our daily lives.

Starting early May, the Grand OGL Wiki will be compiling and publishing the DM Sketchpad in PDF form and sending it off free to subscribers.

- If you want to subscribe to the PDF digest of the DM Sketchpad, email Mark at

- If you have requests for the DM Sketchpad, email Mark at

- If you want to contribute to the DM Sketchpad or the Grand OGL Wiki, email Mark at

- If you want to tell the DM Sketchpad team they are doing a super job, email Mark at and he’ll inform the guys.

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SpiralBound said...

Thanks for sharing this, I've sent Mark my subscription request!