Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the Wake of PDFGate, Bargains Abound

Other game companies are reacting to WotC's no-notice yanking of their pdfs online with various promotions of their own. Here are just a few you may want to check out:

-Paizo is offering all Pathfinder PDFs for 35% off through the end of April.

-White Wolf is offering the Exalted 2e PHB for free through April 12, as well as a one-time 10% discount on any PDF product.

-Adventure Games Publishing currently has 16 products on sale through May 23 as a sign of customer appreciation.

-One Bad Egg has every pdf product on sale for at least 10% off.

-Evil Hat's Don't Lose Your Mind has been marked down to $10.

-Green Ronin is offering their True 20 Roleplaying for only $9.99.

-Bards & Sages is offering their Karma Roleplaying System products for 10% off.

-Tabletop Adventures is discounting 20% off their products for the rest of this week (thanks, Mark!).

-Reality Deviant Production is also offering a sale for the occasion at RPGNow.

-The superhero RPG Hearts & Souls is marked down to only $5.

-As mentioned in the comments below, Flying Mice is also running specials at RPGNow.

-Eden Studios is running a PDF Lovers sale--all their pdfs are 50% off at RPGNow.

-HinterWelt Enterprises is running all pdfs at 50% through the end of the month, and the print+pdf of Roma Imperious True 20 is only $19.99 ($10 off).

-Phil Reed announced all Whispering Vault pdfs are 50% off through the middle of next week.

As you find more, please let me know and I'll post them up here!


Mark Gedak said...


The good people of Tabletop Adventures, and the Overlord, appreciate our customers. Although some companies may turn away from selling their products to people electronically, Tabletop Adventures is committed to on-line sales. To say "thank you" to our current customers, and invite others to try our products, we are having a Customer Appreciation Sale—all products will be 20% off this week only. Try our fantasy terrain descriptions, science fiction locations, random name generators, or modern horror RPG, all at this special discount! See all our products at RPGNow or DriveThruRP! G.

We're also always happy to receive input from our customers. You can leave a comment on a product, post on our hosted forum on EN World, or e-mail us at customerservice@tabletopadventures.com.

Augment your imagination with products from Tabletop Adventures. Buy it Today, Play it Tonight!

Plus... Rogue Games had something as well.

Zachary The First said...

@ Mark: Thanks! I know Rogue Games had this pledge, which is way cool in and of itself:


Helmsman said...

This is honestly great to see. As a big fan of Exalted I hope lots of people take advantage of getting the core book for free and I'd personally offer to run a game or two over Twitter or Skype if anyone wants to try it out.

Propagandroid said...

Oh, I thought this post would have links to filesharing sites. :D

Propagandroid said...
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Mark Gedak said...

So White Wolf hasn't gotten any money from me lately what do you recommend?

Zachary The First said...

Well, what do you like? Rules-light? Want to stick w/ something OGL-based? What sort of genre?

My post for tomorrow is discussion all about gaming companies that "get it right". So that might have some good suggestions, too.

Zachary The First said...

@Prop: Nah. This is all legit. :)

Helmsman said...

@Mark: Personally I recommend Vampire the Requiem, Changeling the Lost and Hunter the Vigil from their World of Darkness line. Second sight is a great supplement for that line too. I have a big messy man-crush on Exalted (as mentioned above), but that's all I'd plug. Scion is based on Exalted's system but the balance is off so I'd avoid it. And the other World of Darkness lines I'm not keen on, they diverged a bit far from conventional myths for my taste.

Mad Brew said...

Just letting you know that I stole a bunch of your links for a post I have going live in the morning... I figured you wouldn't mind me spreading the news.

Mark Gedak said...

Well, I downloaded Exalted because its free. I have a number of their OGL products (CC1, CC2, CC3, R&R, R&R2, BOEF), nothing really in the scarred lands.

I also have vampire and world of darkness.

I favour DND-esque games and horror games.

Zachary The First said...

@Mad Brew: Absolutely! You're welcome to use whatever you like, fellow Hoosier. :)

@Mark: Well, they have Pendragon available, which is a bit different from D&D fantasy but is a true classic.

Sticking with Vampire, there's the Dark Ages. Hunter: the Vigil is also pretty solid.

Helmsman said...

@Mark: Well Exalted is fantasy but beyond that I don't see any similarities to D&D at all... what parts of D&D appeal to you? I explain exalted better on my blog some, but in a nutshell it's a Non Tolkeen fantasy that harkens to Wuxia and greek hero myths...

clash bowley said...

Yeah - I had the same bright idea, put all my games on sale, but when I went to publicize it, I saw everyone else had gotten there before me. I figured why bother? So, yeah, they're on sale, and no, I don't expect any big rush.


Zachary The First said...

Thanks for the update, clash—I’ll update it this evening when I get home!

And for anyone reading this, I’ll happily plug games like In Harm’s Way and StarCluster 2 as great destinations “off the beaten path”, so to speak! 

clash bowley said...

Tim Kirk from Silverlion Games dropped Hearts & Souls to $5. At that price it'a a no-brainer. A brilliant game for the cost of a couple coffees? Done deal.


Zachary The First said...

That's a great deal. I'll add it as well tonight.

Zachary The First said...

It isn't really a pdf discount, but Kobold Quarterly is offering free dice with a print or pdf subscription while supplies last:


HinterWelt said...

Zach - I hope you do not mind my pimping but I have talked it over with the boss and we decided to have a 5o% off PDFs for the rest of the month sale. Also, Roma True20 in print which includes the PDF for $19.99 ($10 off). Sale is going on at the HinterStore, YGN and RPGNow.

Matt C said...

Thanks for the links of companies providing deals.

@Mark - White Wolf did expand the Dark Ages line to include Werewolf, Mage, and Inquisitor. DA Mage and Inquisitor could possibly be combined into a horror/D&D like game. Don't own those two so I can't say for sure.

Helmsman said...

Sorcerers Crusade is set in the Renaissance while Dark Ages is set several hundred years before that. Mage did do a dark ages game but it's not at all like D&D. Much closer to Ars Magica if you're familiar with that. Though I wouldn't contest that a horror game wouldn't be hard to do there.

Also if you want a really unique fantasy horror genre, I think it's well worth it to check out the following Exalted books.
Manual of Exalted Power - The Abyssals
Scroll of Glorious Divinity - Ghosts and Demons
Compass of Celestial Directions - The Underworld
and Manual of Exalted Power - The Infernals

With those books you'll have the makings for a seriously impressive horror game with no limits. Want a traditional zombie plague? Easy. Want a great undead god taking over large swaths of land as you try to survive? Easy. Want to be a mortal journeying into the heart of darkness? Well character death is pretty likely but they can do that too. The necrotech in the Abyssal book is like something out of a Japanese adaptation of a frankenstinian novel, and it's got some seriously adult concepts in it that are guaranteed to make your players squirm. It's a different kind of horror but it's still horror, believe me.

Zachary The First said...

@Bill: No, that's great! I'll post it up as soon as I get home tonight...