Saturday, April 4, 2009

Irrin: Review, Interview, and 4e Conversions!

This week, Aaron Broder over at AllGeektOut was kind enough to do a series of articles on my homebrew world of Irrin. I’m really pleased and humbled he’d take his time to do so. Aaron’s coverage consisted of three parts:

Review: "The book is very nicely laid out; a bit bland, perhaps, but it has all the information you would need to get started on an Irrin campaign. Introduction to Irrin should act as a guide to all first-time indie publishers as an idea of what to include in a campaign primer. Admittedly, there are a few places that are a bit weak in description, in particular, the races; while the more generic ones need little explanation, some of the more unique ones deserve a little more description. $10 is a little pricey for the physical book, but at only $3.50 for the PDF, this is a steal, and at the very least could act as inspiration for your own setting...7/10". [emphasis mine]

This is Aaron asking me a little a bit about Irrin and how it all came together. Nicely brief, and hopefully not too painful to read.

4e Conversions:
Aaron did a great job converting some of the races of Irrin to 4e. I think most designers or aspiring writers will tell you that to have someone actually use a part of your creation is the ultimate thrill. So thank you, Aaron! For those interested, my Irrin Primer is still available here.


Jeff Rients said...

Congratulations! That's very cool!

Aaron said...

Readers of this blog, do not believe a word that this man says!

I am the humbled one, not Zach, the incredibly generous and tolerant blogger who put up with my millions of e-mails!

I just want to clarify this before misinformation spreads!

Ron Perkins said...

Nice interview and features!

Zach seems like a really, super-nice guy from the times I've interacted w/ him. I'm not surprised he was that helpful!