Thursday, April 2, 2009

Old-School Resources: The S&W Companion

One of the biggest goals of the main products of the Old-School Renaissance, I think, is the entire philosophy of a “toolkit” or “DIY” philosophy. We see it in Labyrinth Lord and Swords & Wizardry, and we see it in the contributors of Fight On!. By design, the simulacra of the old school do not cover every situation in terms of rules and mechanical resolution; adjudication by the DM/GM/Referee is key. Similarly, the games are built for your own additions as you see fit, be they a new thief class, optional poison rules, or throwing in some new magic items or effects.

I think one of the best and brightest examples of this philosophy in action has to be The S&W Companion. Designed to support Swords & Wizardry, this resource page is a tremendous example of the sort of fun additions you can add onto a game. I was surprised just how fast this collection has grown, and hope it continues to do so. Adventures, combat tweaks, and new classes all await your viewing pleasure!

(I especially like the add-on classes, from the Druid to Assassin. Very nice write-ups!).

Perhaps one of the nicest things about dipping your toe into the world of old school is that if you don’t feel you are that creative, have a case of the ol’ writer’s block, or don’t want to mess with optimizing your game of choice for your table, there are some of the most talented gamers in the world who have already provided a ton of cool stuff for free. The S&W Companion is a splendid instance of that.


Anonymous said...

Great link!

It is very heartening to me to see this sort of creativity and effort so prevalent out there for old-schoolers (or those just taking a walk on that side of things)


sirlarkins said...

That is indeed an awesome link, but I really didn't need to see that--it's all I can do to stick with C&C right now as my system of choice for running my Wilderlands game. No, I won't switch systems. I won't!

Zachary The First said...

Hey I share the C&C love--the nice thing about C&C and many of the "old school" (am I supposed to say "old guard" now?) games is easily things can be moved from one system to another with only light conversion.

Stay strong, man! :)

sirlarkins said...

Absolutely. I have more reasons to stick with C&C than not. Especially since AGP is producing Wilderlands-specific C&C material.

But I have to say this has cemented S&W as my choice for a system for the Basic D&D project I've been considering. :)