Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One-Page Introduction to Old School Gaming

I was able to be on TARGA's conference call this past weekend, and one of the things mentioned on the call was how Chgowiz had made a document that distilled (with permission) Matt Finch's popular Quick Primer for Old School Gaming into a single page. I think this could be a great handout document for those looking to explain to a fellow gamer or folks at a convention what sort of game play and feel they're striving for. I had some friends I wanted to share this with, and Chgowiz was cool with me switching the format into a pdf. Here's the link to the single-page pdf Introduction to Old School Gaming.

TARGA is looking at having some websites are sort of hubs and directories for the various Old School Renaissance games and their cousins, so I'll likely be modifying this document with links to that info once they are up. For now, enjoy, share with others, and here's hoping you get some good use from this!


HinterWelt said...

Don't take this wrong Zach, but according to that one pager you linked to, my games are old school. Maybe not as much as some but more than most and would definitely fit the category. I think I am missing something or maybe I don't understand the old school movement (likely).

That said, I liked it. It really is the way I game. It also was clear and concise on the explanation.

Zachary The First said...

@Bill: Hey, it’s a big tent. I honestly tend to think of it in pretty general play style terms, rather than specific games. It’s a pretty loose set of explanations, which is why I think it works so well over a stricter, ideology-type document. For example, I play Castles & Crusades, and generally hold to many of these ideas. I’m sure there are people who play C&C who don’t. The day things become set in stone and not flexible guidelines/recommendations, that’s the day I find the exit.

Glad you liked it! I thought Matt, then Chgowiz did a great job with the original and then the distillation. I can only take credit for formatting to a pdf. ;)

Miguel Angel said...

Do i have permission to translate it into spanish in my website?

I'll be glad if you let me :)

Zachary The First said...

Miguel: Chgowiz got permission from Matt to distill this into a one-page. I doubt they'd mind, but if they want to give the thumbs up, I'm good with it.

HinterWelt said...

@Zach: I see what you mean. Perhaps I am confusing this with "retro-clones" or some such. I am a bit dense today with the temps going all over the place. Makes me a bit spacey.

However, I would still say that the piece speaks to me as well. This is how I approach games and gaming (and design for that matter).