Monday, April 13, 2009

Top 25 RPGs: Update, Sponsors, Prizes, and Voting!

There's been a lot of tremendous participation across and beyond the RPG Bloggers Network for the Top 25 RPGs Project we're doing here at RPG Blog 2. I'd like to thank all the bloggers and sites that have helped plugged this, and judging from the lists received so far, there's a ton of diversity to be had out there. I'm looking forward to the final tally!

We also have our sponsors! 4 lucky winners will win one of these pdf prize packages, courtesy of Postmortem Studios, Crafty Games, One Bad Egg/Evil Hat, and RPG Objects:

Crafty Games

-Spycraft 2.0 Rulebook
-Spycraft: World on Fire

RPG Objects
-Darwin's World 2: Survivor's Handbook
-Blood and Space 2: Galactic Edition
-Blood and Fists: Master Edition

One Bad Egg
/Evil Hat
-Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies
-One Bad Egg PDF Prize Pack (items to be determined)

Postmortem Studios
-RPG PDF Prize Pack (items to be determined)

You need to submit a list to be eligible for this random drawing, so get those lists over to mail.rpgblog(at) And remember, you don't need a Top 25--if you just have 10 entries, send 'em over.

A quick reminder how this'll work:

I'm looking for people's lists of the RPGs that have had the brought the most influence, entertainment, and fun to their experience in the gaming hobby. You can rank up to 25 games, but if you don't want to do that many or don't have that many, please rank at least 10. I will be tabulating points wherein a 1st-place vote gets 25 points, a 2nd-place vote gets 24, on down to a 25th-place vote getting 1 point (not unlike the AP Football poll). I realize this isn't a scientific process by any means, but the entire point is to generate some community discussion, and maybe point folks towards some games they otherwise wouldn't have picked up.

Deadline is April 20, 2009! The goal was 50 submissions, but if we can get more than that, fantastic! So please, spread the word and get in your lists (with comments on why you chose your entries, if you'd like!). And thanks for being a part of this community survey and project!


Zachary The First said...

Err...4 lucky winners. :) I'll fix that tonight.

TheLemming said...

Hey Zachary, how is it running? How many submission do you have?

Zachary The First said...

Thanks for asking! I have about 37 so far, I think--I need to count today's entries to see if that's accurate. So considering the goal is 50 and we have a week left, I'm encouraged. Not that I won't take any publicity you want to get out there! :)

Max said...

when i try to mail my list from my google account to "mail.rpgblog(at)" i get "invalid mail address" so i'll ost them here:
1. Spycraft

2. Swashbuckling Adventures (7th sea d20 AEG)

3. D&D 3.5

4. AD&D 2nd edition

5. Monte Cook's WOD


7. Stargate SG-1

8. Babylon 5 RPG

9. Star Wars

rpgtreehouse said...

List submitted! earthdawn came first, it's a true love of mine...