Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vincent Price: Not Just For Thriller?

Tell me Vincent Price wouldn't have done the best RPG commercials ever:

More here.


jstater said...

I really miss Vincent Price. Good times.

Joseph said...

I remember that commercial! It looks like it was filmed on the set of the PBS show Mystery! (which he also hosted, as I recall).

Vincent Price was a real treasure. What often gets missed because of his horror film career is his great love of and expertise in the arts; he was a connoisseur of fine art (he had an enormous collection of art pieces) and a gourmet chef.

Brunomac said...

Does anybody remember the "Shrunken Head" commercials with Price? I had one, and it was so cool. You took apples and turned them into little shrunken heads. Price vamped around in a lab coat turning all these granny smith's into little blackened heads.

From The Raven, to the House on Haunted hill, to The last Man on Earth, I loved me some Vinny P.

mthomas768 said...

Look! Dr. Phibes!

(Man VP rocked).

Welleran said...

You cannot say enough good things about Vicent Price!

BTW, I have the entire Enchanted World series thanks to eBay. It was one of my big resources for D&D back in the day!

ATOM said...

I remember old V.P with fondness.
He was a great actor, he could set a mood just by glaring at you.
Must watch "The Raven" and "Fall of the House of Usher" once again.