Thursday, April 16, 2009


The internet humor website Something Awful recently did reviews of several of the classic AD&D 1e tomes, commenting on some of the stranger entries of the Monster Manual and Deities & Demigods (warning: potentially NSFW):

Monster Manual, Part I
Monster Manual, Part II
Deities & Demigods

(Yes, the Morkoth is singled out for special recognition/punishment).

They have a point on some of the more absurd names and creatures detailed within, but that's just part of the fun of AD&D, to my thinking.


Swordgleam said...

A gas spore! That's what KOed the party way back when! I never knew what it was. Stupid thief poked it with a dagger and it somehow took out everyone but him. Then we got to listen to him move gold pieces one at a time, because he'd once been killed by a mimic posing as a gold piece. (It bit him for his last hit point and he bled to death.) He ended up getting torn to bits by giant ants, and we finally all woke up at around that time. The monk scooped his remains into a backpack in the hope of raising him later. Ahh, the good old days.

ckutalik said...

Wow you've managed to find a rival to the Onion's recent article about goings on at Arkham High School in sheer hilarity. Kudos.