Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anyone Have $5K To Burn?

If you do, you can look at this. Wow!


Ameron said...

As a collector, a D&D gamer and a huge all-around geek I would love to own this piece of gaming history. However, I think my wife would file for divorce if I did. And then she’s want half of this in the divorce settlement. So I think I’ll have to pass (regrettably).

GameDaddy said...

Saw it. They had it on Display last year at their booth at GenCon.

GeekBob said...


Holy sweet merciless budha.

Glad I already own this plus several of the old suppliments of that time.

A friend of the family (And a local reverend) gave the box set and a few other suppliments to me as a gift. Almost needed to buy a new change of pants after that.