Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gaming Companies on Twitter

I enjoy when RPG companies provide updates or chat on Twitter (this is me, by the way). I have a few I follow that folks may not have realized are online. (There are also plenty of game designers and personal accounts, but for privacy's sake I'm not going to list them here):


Flames Rising

Green Ronin


Mind Storm Labs

Obsidian Portal



RPG Objects


Troll Lord Games

Are there any "official" Twittering RPG companies you follow that I've missed? I'd like to get a nice full list of RPG company twitter accounts.


Anonymous said...


I think that's their twitter account, as well.

Oh, and of course Spooky Outhouse. ;)

Dr. Awkward said...

I have one set up for my RPG advocacy site, The Escapist -

Daniel M. Perez said...

You're missing quite a few:

@Orcus_NG (Necromancer Games)
@First_Oni (Third Eye Games)

I'll keep searching, I know there's a couple more.

clash bowley said...

[Slams Head Against Wall]

There is no twittering from Flying Mice Games, nor will there ever be.

How do these companies find time to write games?


Zachary The First said...

@clash: I imagine in short, 140-word bursts. ;)

@Daniel: Cool! I’ll revise the list when I get home--some of the ones you listed I already had, but some I had no idea on.

Daniel M. Perez said...

@Clash - You really should find some time to drop a couple lines every so often. It helps out immensely with keeping the company in people's mindspace.

@Zach - No prob. I have to keep on top of that since I run the DriveThruRPG acct and we friend every member company (and manay others as well).

Daniel M. Perez said...

And of course, that's not counting people who tweet about their company in their personal accts, like Richard Iorio (Rogue Games) and Fred Hicks (Evil Hat).

Ryan said...

I think Steve Jackson Games is on Twitter, if nobody's mentioned that yet.

Daniel M. Perez said...

@SJGames, yup.

Zachary The First said...

Great work, guys!

I didn't include folks like Rich, Fred Hicks, and Mearls, b/c some of those accounts also hit up personal stuff or aren't 100% games related, or might be more private. It's great to have them on there, though.

Richard Iorio II said...

Due you can include me on that list. Personal things I do not use Twitter for. :)

I once had a Rogue Games one, but I never used it. People equate James and I with Rogue Games, so we tend to merge everything into one pot.

Richard, who bleeds the future and likes cheese. ;)

Ben Overmyer said...

Silver Gryphon Games:


HinterWelt said...

@Clash They don't. Many of them hire writers, DTRPG doesn't period. Then the question is how much are they on forums, blogs, twitter and how many books do they write. Division of labor is their friend. ;)

Richard Iorio II said...


I tend to twit when I am at the day job. What that says about me, or the day job, I will leave that for you to decide. :)

HinterWelt said...

@Richard Wasn't meant as a slam and hope no one takes it as one. Just meant, different folks have different priorities. I know Clash is first and foremmost a writer and game designer. That is what he likes to do. Me, I love the business but also writing settings. Some folks love cons. Every one will most likely include their likes since they are usually their strengths in their job descriptions.

clash bowley said...


If this was a stable technological platform, I might, but it ain't. This year it's twitter. A year ago it was blogs. Two years ago it was my space or face book or some such idiocy. I'm too old and cranky to have to learn a new information platform that will be obsolete in another six months.


Thaaat might explain it. :D


Daniel M. Perez said...

@Clash - Yeah, I understand that 100%, but for me, that change is part of what excites me. I like new ways of keeping in touch with fellow gamers/customers.

@Hinterwelt - I am unemployed/work freelance, so this is part of what I do during the day. Sad, isn't it? ;-)

clash bowley said...

I continually feel like a guy with last year's tie. Tech fashion has long since passed me by. I change shirt styles when they wear out and I can't replace them, not before. I'll write the games. If anyone wants to use 'em, they can be found on an old fashioned web page, like Jesus used.


clash bowley said...


By your pic, you are half my age. You go hunt the woolly mammoth! I'll trap rabbits close to home. :D


Fred Hicks (Evil Hat Productions) said...

@dresdenfiles is specifically for the Dresden Files RPG. And yeah, I mix the message a little at @fredhicks but it's at least 90% biz. :)

And, clash, the way we find time to write games is that we don't really spend any time on forums at all any more (I've popped up a couple times every two to three months, but that's it at this point). Twitter and a tiny bit of livejournal is about it for me.

Zachary The First said...

@clash: I hope it's still blogs, or I'm in trouble. :)

clash bowley said...


Makes sense. You have to prioritize. Thanks for the explanation! :D


Keyword said...
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Anonymous said...

Daniel M. Perez said...


Robert C. Kalajian Jr. said...

@Tremorworks also tweets.

Johnn Four said...

Here's a couple:

Mine is