Saturday, May 2, 2009

GOLD: Help Expand the Claim

I'm still really enjoying GOLD, the web series that explores a world of professional tabletop gamers. I have found it one of the best-acted web series that I've come across, and as a gamer, I can tell these people have to gamers as well--they nail it, you know?

Anyhow, I'd recommend you check out their most recent update/preview, "Interlude". You can also click that link to find out about how to spread the word or donate to keep this series going forward. The may not give you a free coffee mug like you'd get from donating to PBS, but on the other hand (with Michael Palin's fine programs honorably excused), this is something you might actually want to watch that you can't get on basic cable.


David Nett said...

Zach -

Thanks for the shout-out, man. GOLD lives or dies by the grassroots support of the gaming community, so we appreciate this more than you could imagine.

For all of you who haven't checked out GOLD yet, we're right here. Waiting. d20s ready.

GOLD executive producer, DM extraordinaire

Andrew Deutsch said...

I'm the other Executive Producer from GOLD and I would also like to say thanks for promoting the show and talking it up. It really helps us out.

For the fans, we have two more episodes coming up! Link to it. Embed it. Spread the word.


- Andrew
Executive Producer
Gold: The Series