Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hordes of the Things

Thanks to some store credit over at Noble Knight Games, I was able to order Hordes of the Things. A wargame, I know, but after Chgowiz blogged about it, it sounded like a fun accessory to our gaming. I'm not sure how well I can integrate it into stronghold-level play, but I'm looking forward to trying. I love this philosophy:

"Our intent is to provide the simplest possible set of fantasy wargames rules that retain the feel and generalship requirements of battle. We start from the assumptions that spell selection must not be a more important skill than generalship, that the results of magic or command decisions can be shown rather than the minutia of communication or spell casting, and that differences between troops of the same general class are relatively unimportant. The resulting system is much more subtle than may be immediately apparent". that fits very well with what I'm trying to accomplish at our table.

I've also been checking out this web page for some cool ideas for HotT. I'm excited to start building a makeshift army out of old toys, paper counters, and leftover minis!


Rick Krebs said...

Stronghold is "the" web site for HotT and its many variants. I'm sure you will find some uses in your D&D campaign for an excellent set of fantasy rules.

All the best.

Zachary The First said...

Thanks, Rick! Looking forward to it!

Quim said...

I'm a DBMM player (the latests historical wargame of the DBM series by which HotT is based on). If HotH is as good as DBMM then you have acquired a very good one. Keep in mind, at least DBMM, that's a hard rule wargame.

Badelaire said...

HotT is pretty kick-ass (BTW, it was my column here That put Chgowiz on the trail of HotT). For gamers who want to add some sort of "epic battle" element to their games, it would be an interesting way to tie the larger battle into the adventure or simply play it out.

HotT is abstract enough to be used in almost any fantasy setting or genre, but makes enough distinctions and has enough subtlety that you're not just playing a convoluted form of Rock/Paper/Scissors.

Hope you enjoy it!