Monday, May 25, 2009

Old School, Back and Forth

Interesting Memorial Day Weekend for the discussion of Old School Gaming. First, Grognardia started things off with "More Than A Feeling", which talked about defining old school games beyond a "feeling". That led to this rebuttal over at Wondrous Imaginings. Rob Conley then discussed why/when that Old School feeling is important, as as on defining Old School as an attitude. Alex Schroeder talked a bit about how this all worked in with affordance. And you know LotFP had something to say about it all.

Did I miss anything?

(I'm just going to enjoy Greyhawk Grognard's new bonus material for Castle of the Mad Archmage). I also wanted to thank you all for making our Indy 500 experience this month possible. I took home so many wonderful memories from yesterday, and I know we had such a wonderful time thanks to all of you.


Rick Krebs said...

I weep for a generation of gamers that doesn't understand the term "fun". When in doubt for a definition of a word, please
use a dictionary.

Joseph said...


Zachary The First said...

lol, fixed it. That's what happens when I post right after I wake up.

Grungydan said...

You missed @RobertsonGames and a few others having a fairly pedantic wank on the matter on Twitter. ;-)