Thursday, May 21, 2009

RPG Game Find

I'm all for any service that tries to connect gamers with games, and so I was interested to learn of RPG Game Find. It looks like a nice "search-by" site, one that allows you to post games by genre and search by geographic location with a nice, easy interface.

Gamers are hard enough to find as it is, so I'm happy to help out and help publicize this new effort. Ultimately, these sites are as good as the participation they get--so if you want a resource of this sort to work, make sure to join and help spread the word!


thanuir said... has the benefit of covering most of the world.

Gleichman said...

Nice find, went and posted for our new Morrow Project Campaign.

I doubt I'll get any bites, but what the heck.

Has anyone actually had any success with these sorts of sites?

Bonemaster said...

Well hopefully they get the traffic they need to get the listings they need. As Gleichman said, it never hurts to try something.

Anonymous said... sucks. I hate the interface. It's really slow and doesn't really have game postings some much as just seeing gamers near you.