Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tainted Lands

James Ward?

Boxed Set?

Fantasy Horror?

Castles & Crusades?

Why, don't mind if I do!

You can add Tainted Lands to the list of products I'm excited about. I know Troll Lord Games has some items in front of it for publication, but reading Jim Ward's ideas on the product really have me excited, and it sounds like a Gen Con release date is still viable. I'm hoping for a little bit of a (non-cartoony) Raveloft vibe from it. We'll see.

I'd also add I really appreciate Troll Lord's returning to the boxed set as a more frequent publishing method. Boxed sets have their drawbacks, but there's still something magical for me in picking up a boxed set full of goodies.


Helmsman said...

I know when White Wolf released their Dreams of the First Age expansion for Exalted as a Boxed Set it was delayed time and time again. They cited the fact that it was really hard to produce a boxed set these days, said that's why you don't see them around much anymore. Hope these guys don't find the same pitfalls.

Zachary The First said...

From my understanding, they’ve only been able to offer boxed sets like this because they made contact with a fellow who’s able to do it for them relatively cheaply and easily. It’s a shame that making boxed sets are as apparently difficult/expensive to make as many publishers claim.

sirlarkins said...

Oooo, this looks very promising indeed. Sort of like Ravenloft and Mordor combined. Definitely getting dropped into my Wilderlands campaign.

And yay boxed sets!

Ryan said...

You had me at "Jim Ward."

Anonymous said...

Wow. This looks like a winner. Thanks for noting it!

- Calithena

Badelaire said...

This looks too awesome. Seriously. I *will* have to break this out and throw my gaming group into it as soon as it hits the shelves.

The Rusty Battle Axe said...

It does look awesome. The most recent issue of "The Crusader" (#18) has an outline of the Tainted Lands, which James Ward uses as an example of game design (it's also an example of clever and subtle marketing). It's his first outline--not the final one--but it looks like a winner. Here's hoping it is out soon.