Thursday, June 11, 2009

Greyhawk And WHAT?

I do dream of gaming now and then. Crazy, crazy dreams. At times I wake up with only a brief remembrance of what I've dreamt.

And so it was this morning, when I woke up with only two words running through my brain.

One was Greyhawk.

The other was Mecha.

Now, the very idea of this will likely drive Greyhawk partisans mad, but I can't get it out of my head:

-Iuz sending giant spiked mecha piloted by damned souls to keep order in the lands of the Horned Society.

-Greyhawk's walls threatened by mysterious obsidian war machines bearing the symbol of Nerull.

-The Shield Lands turned into a rusting scrapyard of burnt and broken gears and torn metal skin.

-Against the Giants? Yes, with steam-powered Iron Behemoths!

-An ancient stockpile of terrible mecha weaponry unearthed by covetous interests in Ket...

-Some unscrupulous soul trying to shift the balance of power by providing some of the barbarians with brand-new suits of mechanized power armor...

No, I don't want to just play Eberron or Iron Kingdoms. This is all about how mecha would change the face of Greyhawk.

It's amazing how you can take a single setting, say "add this one thing", and the entire things is changed. And it will now be even more awesome for some, and total anathema for others.

For you Greyhawk stalwarts (those of you who haven't already deleted this blog forever), what might some of the interesting scenarios be if mecha were unless upon Oerth?


Giga boy said...

I'd rather play eberron

Wyatt said...

So is this the kind of mecha setting where only grizzled old one-eyed coots with crazy hair pilot them, or where hot blooded young shirtless males with capes and strange sunglasses use their mecha to pierce the heavens? Hey, if you're going with heresy, might as well go full throttle.

Zachary The First said...

Wyatt: That's the difference between the hair shirt and being burnt at the stake.

Norman Harman said...

Know very little about Greyhawk other than I loved the original gazetter as a kid.

But doesn't / didn't one of the old Empires Zuel have monstrously huge "war machines"? I recently read a campaign play report. heaped at the base of a Dwarven mtn fortress were the remains of great war machines which had failed to breach the Dwarven gates and had been left to rot.

Anyway, seems to me mecha fits and has precident. I think the key would be to make them magical / construct like (or alien tech like S3) and not steampunk like.

Blotz said...

Aura Battler Dunbine (i think) was an anime show with heavy fantasy elements.