Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Hidden Temple of the Founders

Like many others, I entered the one-page dungeon contest not too long ago. When I did my entry, I was keenly feeling the loss of so many founding fathers of gaming, as well as really thinking about appreciating those who are still with us. I wanted my entry to be a fun tribute to so many of the people who gave us D&D and the adventures and material of our youth (and beyond!). Enter my submission, The Hidden Temple of the Founders:

The good people of this region hold that their old gods, makers of the world, known collectively as The Founders, appeared in a dream to their followers centuries ago and demanded that their followers build a temple honoring them. The instructions for the temple were like none ever seen—a bewildering array of chambers carved into the side of a mountain, one specifically for each deity of the religion. The names of each deity were labeled on the doors of their dedicated room, and can still be used to identify each to this day.

In time, new religions came to the forefront, and the order of monks tending the sacred place dwindled to nothingness. But true believers and desperate adventurers alike still believe the complex is full of danger, riches, and perhaps divine power in turn. The Old Ways do not sleep.

Download the free pdf of The Hidden Temple of the Founders here.

Download the basic map by itself here.

OK, so in terms of style it gets its ass kicked by a vast majority of the other entries in that contest. But this is my "easter egg"-laden tribute to some of the founders of our hobby. I wanted something with a classic look, that'd be fun to play while honoring some of those who've gone before. See how many references you can find, and feel free to report back if you think you caught them all! (This module definitely relies on a strong DM, able to play off the base encounters included). I hope you guys enjoy it, and if you think to say "thank you" to one of the Old Guard after playing or browsing through it, that would make my day.

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Stuart said...

I've been waiting on you to post this! I'm going to check it out when I get home. :)