Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Cartoons That Should Be RPGs

Screw Robotech*. I'm talkin' Exosquad.

*-Not really.


rpgcharacters said...

AWESOME! I always wanted to play a game about "Currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States."


Zachary The First said...

Ouch...guess I lost the non-US audience for the day. :(

Nathan Abrahams said...

Heh... Sounds like a good idea.

Seems the right flavor for the type of Mech game I've been wanting to design.

The hard part is coming up with a balanced way to build the suits.

greywulf said...

I can't see it either, but really hope that it's Wacky Races. I'd love a Wacky Races RPG. Imagine Car Wars meets Toon.

See? Now you want it too!

Stuart said...

Hulu sucks. I'm about an hour from the US here. WNEB is a Buffalo/Toronto station. I can watch US Television just with a regular aerial and without cable... but somehow watching the mainstream prime-time shows on the Internet is something they want to stop? Dumb.

Anyway... :)

For folks outside the US, let's imagine the video is *this one*:

In which case, YES there should be more RPGs like that. ;)

Zachary The First said...

For my Canadian, European, and other friends about the world, I sure hope Hulu gets something figured out soon.

Stu: Tomorrow's post--spreading the love on Neoclassical gaming. :)

Norman Harman said...

I don't remember EXO Squad, maybe it was not from my cartoon watchin time ('75-'85) I found it on Hulu a few months back and watched a bunch of them. I probably wouldn't have dug it as much as a kid as I do now.

sinethra said...

I can't see it..