Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paizo Remains Friggin Brilliant

As noted on threads here and here, as well as elsewhere, Paizo will be selling the pdf to their monster 576-page Pathfinder RPG for only $9.99. Aside from a bit of complaining about how this will affect the friendly local gaming store, the reaction to this news has been very positive. In short, all the larger gaming companies who were selling a pdf for the same price as a deadtree are going to have to re-evaluate how that looks. For what it's worth, I think you'll see some nice crossover between pdf and book sales because of this. I know I'll personally be getting a pdf from Paizo and a Pathfinder deadtree copy from the FLGS.

Paizo continues to do things that keep them in the picture and compare favorably to the competition. At this point, it's hard to point much they've done wrong. Let's hope they can keep it up. All I know is, it's nice to have companies out there that feel like they're run by gamers--and well-organized gamers who can keep a schedule, at that.


Questing GM said...


Charles said...

Has anyone run any numbers to support the idea that cheaper PDFs hurt the FLGS? Personally, I'll always buy a hardcopy over a PDF, but I'm with you: if the PDF is cheap enough I'll buy both for the convenience of searching and even better, making my own reference packets with selected charts, etc. PDFs make the games easier to run, and that should be better for everyone, including the FLGS.

Frankly, the FLGS is under a much bigger threat from stores like Amazon. As always, it's up to us gamers to keep the FLGS alive!

Zachary The First said...

Charles, I tend to agree with you. Cheap PDFs also help expand game exposure, I think. There's a number of games I can name that I've picked up in pdf that I went on to pick up the deadtree in a FLGS.

I think Amazon is a much larger threat to the FLGS than pdfs would ever be. And I think there's room somewhere for pdfs and FLGSs to work together.

Richard Iorio II said...

For me, and I speak as someone who runs/co-owns a game publishing company, PDFs are a marketing tool for what we do at Rogue Games. I've talked to a lot of game store owners, and they really do not think about PDFs which is a shame. We have begun working with some gamestores when it comes to PDFs, and I am currently working on a way to deliver to gamestores a means for their customers to buy our PDF only releases.

PDFs are important, and they are going to be even more important in the months to come.

Ken Marable said...

I have to echo Zachary the First's comments. This isn't necessarily a "PDF is worth less than a hardcopy", but it's really all about market penetration.

Although it's rather complicated, Paizo is basically introducing a new product line/game system, and the best way for an underdog (which Paizo is compared to WotC) to increase market penetration is by offering a very cheap way to access it.

So in the long run, it will hopefully increase hardcopy sales by having a larger customer base.

And sorry for another "me too", but amazon is definitely far more detrimental to game stores than PDFs are by probably a couple orders of magnitude.

Emperor said...

I was a bit reserved about Pathfinder. 4e left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I was impressed by the thought put into the system, and everything else as well. Totally worth the price tag.