Sunday, July 12, 2009

Palladium Week Starts Tomorrow!

I hope you're ready, because we have lined up some epic interviews, some great advice, and some really interesting features all-around!

You'll want to make sure to join RPG Blog 2 tomorrow and all week, as we take at Palladium, its games, its staff, and its place in the hobby.


Sean said...

Looking forward to it. I don't think I have owned or played a Palladium game in 10 years. I owned Robotech, but never played, and TMNT which we did enjoy playing. These are part of my game collection that I sold..which I regret now. Who knows I might grab a copy of Palladium Fantasy.

Zachary The First said...

TMNT is just a tremendous game, one of Wujcik's best. Bio-E makes that game worth it.

clash bowley said...

I consider TMNT&OS as one of the top 10 games ever written. Pure awesome!


Ryan said...

About ten years ago I had a bad impression of the Robotech RPG and wrote off the entire Palladium universe.

Recently I've been giving it a second shot by picking up Nightbane and Palladium Fantasy...and I'll be playing a number of Palladium games next weekend at the local con. Funny you should start Palladium week just as I'm looking into it again. I'm looking forward to your posts.

JB said...

While I've sold every Rifts book I ever owned, I still consider Wormwood one of the coolest supplements for any game ever written (and both Atlantis and the Vampire Kingdoms were up there, too).

I recently purchased Heroes Unlimited 2E along with a couple supplemental sourcebooks. For low-scale superhero slugfests, it's just about the best, despite the messiness of the system. I suspect the entire Marvel Ultimates series was completely derived from HU2 and the first two Powers Unlimited source books.

Samuel Van Der Wall said...

@ JB - Completely agree. Wormwood was a spectacular book. Atlantis and Vampire Kingdoms were also, without a doubt, two of the best supplements they ever published for Rifts, or any other of their lines for that matter.